September 14, 2018

[Ask IH] What can I do to improve engagement

I am thoroughly enjoying this side project that I started a little over 4 months ago.

2 months back I hit #1 on Product Hunt and there was a huge spike in traffic averaging 1k a day for over a week. as expected though, this traffic dwindled down to around 100 a day over the next couple months. This is mostly due to not engaging with my users in any way or form.

I am still manually sourcing all my ideas on Twitter and I do enjoy the process.

I am genuinely fascinated by the problems people have and publicly post about that have commercial potential if solved and executed on properly.

I'm so fascinated by it that I want to make "problems" my entire niche. I want to develop a brand around sourcing, identifying and solving problems. I want to expand on what I have started with this blog and I eventually want to make an income doing so.

I have toyed around with the idea of starting a podcast or even a youtube channel. Where I actively seek out and talk with professionals in everyday jobs and ask them what problems they face on a day to day basis and open a discussion around how those problems could be solved and what business opportunities may be born from those solutions.

I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this.

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    Reply to the selected posts with rapid fire ideas that could solve their problem (where possible!) ...or link to existing services that might already solve the issue. That would drive engagement from those featured people and their extended network.

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      Thanks for the reply @blunicorn.

      I want to encourage the audience to solve the problems. Not to solve them myself. This has happened naturally in the past, mostly on twitter with followers replying to posts.

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        Until the audience is self sustaining in terms of engagement it can't hurt to encourage the conversation. Even if you chimed in from a separate twitter account occasionally, at least worth testing to see if it helps (though I appreciate why you'd like readers to solve things themselves).