May 14, 2018

Ask IH: What's the best way to add a job board to my site?

What's the best no-code way to add a job board to my site? I'm a non-technical founder, I don't code and it's my first time creating a job board and would love some help...

Firstly, some site Public Design Vault ( is a curated directory website of 500+ design tools for people interested in human-centered design and public/social issues. It has relatively good traffic so far (all organic, not from ads):

馃憖 46k pageviews

馃懁 13k users

馃摤 400+ email subscribers

I recently added a forum, a Telegram chat group to build a community. I also learned that employers in this space (design + gov) seem to have lots of difficulties finding talent, so I thought a job board will be a great way to address those needs (as well as help me monetize the site a bit).

Only thing is, there seems to be limited solutions available out there. I'm open to buying a template, an open-source job board software (if it's easy to install), or even a managed hosting solution. I found some Wordpress themes (which is a no-code option that I'm most comfortable with) but the designs look dated, and most seem to have feature-bloat. I'm just looking for a simple, clean, minimalist list-format job board similar to these sites:

Anyone knows of alternative no-code ways to create a job board? What are the pros and cons?

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    I've made a simple template of Job Board site in Sheet 2 Site. Can you manage all your vacancies in Google Sheet

    P.S. No affiliation :D

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      Hahahah thanks Andrey! Though, it's not a list format that I prefer, sheet2site is still on my top 3 options! :)

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    I quite like this SaaS product which has all the features you need.

    No affiliation :)

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      Oooh wow I never knew abt this. I like it too! Thanks Louis! 馃憤

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    I鈥檝e used which is can be very simple yet still flexible and customizable. Only downside is that it is a lot more expensive than it used to be.

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      Thanks @sk24iam ! has everything I need and more, but wow huge downside with the cost. Way out of my budget for an MVP...

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    @iheanyi might be able to help with this

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      Thanks @benm ! Appreciate the connection :)

      @iheanyi hi there. I found Seeker by chance elsewhere, and thanks to @benm I now know who made it! 馃槂馃憤

      I had a look at the Seeker demo site and there's some features I think I need which I'm not sure is available on Seeker:

      • Company logo

      • Payment gateway for employers to create job post and pay before posting

      • Add/manage ads in back-end CMS

      • Indeed integration

      • drag and drop interface

      • Future: candidate login, email alerts, candidate/company profile creation

      Love to hear from you if these are already in Seeker? Cheers!

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        Thanks @benm!

        Hey there Jason. I can answer a your questions here.

        1. Company logo upload is in the roadmap.

        2. There is a way for people to pay for a job before posting. That payment gateway is already there.

        3. There's a way to manage ads in the back-end CMS. You can't add job postings there though unless you sign up for Seeker Premium ($49/month) because it requires money.

        4. What kind of drag and drop interface? For building / designing it? I am working on custom CSS and whatnot but I don't have a drag and drop interface in the plan for awhile.

        5. Indeed integration is in th

        6. I will tell you upfront that I will never add candidate login to Seeker because companies don't need to have more than one Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to deal with. I may add company login in the future, that's still up for grabs. And as for email alerts, that's also a maybe. But there's also ways you can do this yourself right now as well (embedding a Mailchimp form, manually making the email alerts yourself). I do think that having it as a growth platform in the future will be helpful, so we'll see.

        I think that you should sign up for Seeker, it's free to get started with. Poke around it, see if it suits your fancy. We also have an API for making it easy to advertise in your site. Let me know if you need any assistance, I would be happy to help.

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          Additionally, I have a few customers that run a job board without premium and they are having pretty decent success with it, so I encourage you to try us out for your MVP / validation of your idea.

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            Awesome thanks for the detailed answers, @iheanyi. I'll do just that. Will sign up and try it out.

            Oh and, possible to share the links to the job boards of these customers you mentioned? Would love to check them out馃槉馃憤

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              No problem. :) And yeah, I'd love to. Check them out below.

              Data Eng Weekly (

              Design Systems (

              OutOfOffice Hours (

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                Thank you! 馃憤

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                  No problem. :)

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    For posterity (we talked about it in a separate thread), but I created Seeker for this exact reason. It's free to get up and running with and integrating with other projects through the API is pretty straightforward.

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    It's not a coincidence that the sites you like were custom-built for their purpose and the templates look uninspiring to you. Any good cookie cutter solution gets large adoption and looks less special very quickly.

    What's your differentiator? If it's the niche community, you don't need an amazing job board design. You can just use a very minimal-looking WP board. If it's the job board itself, then I'd recommend learning to code (at least to the degree levelsio did) or hiring someone who can.

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      Differentiator is the niche community, yes - design+government. Yeah I keep telling myself that i just need a basic one as it's an mvp, but I can't quite settle on one yet that's true to my conscience without first being more thorough in my search. Eventually I want to code it on my own from scratch, but it'll probably take more time than my intended timeframe (i'm making 1 mvp per month, so...), so that will have to come post-mvp iteration...

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    I see that your website is Wordpress based. You can use one of the form builders to quickly build a simple job board. I recently built a job board using

    It is fast, easy to customize and integrate with payment providers like Stripe.

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      Thanks Sujeevan! Not come across formidable forms before, so this definitely opens up another way to approach my problem. Is this something you tried before? Any good examples you know of job boards built using formidable forms?

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        yes, I do freelancing in my spare time - building Wordpress applications using formidable forms. I came across form builders when I needed a technology to rapidly build and test an idea. I really liked it so started looking deeper. Initially started as a hobby and then discovered that there is a world of small business owners using it to build from contact forms, surveys to large applications.

        I'm a programmer. I still use form builders for simple applications or testing my ideas. They are not suitable for complex systems.

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          Oh I found their showcase gallery. There's indeed a world of small business owners using it for build simple applications. I don't know programming though - is Formidable Forms easy enough for someone like me to use?

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            These tools come under the no-code category. You can build using drag and drop interface. There is obviously a learning curve to understand how to use the tool. 99% of the time no coding involved. The clients I helped do most of the work themselves and approach me for coding or more advance areas.

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              Oh awesome. Great to hear it's drag and drop. I'll look more into it, and perhaps approach you if I need paid help. Thanks loads! 馃槂

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                Sure. happy to help

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    Hi guys, quick update: I just launched the job board! In the end I chose Wordpress again for familiarity and cost. Best for an MVP probably, though I'm secretly harbouring hopes I will need to custom code it in near future. Would love feedback here. I also wrote more about why and how I made the job board here