May 14, 2018

Ask IH: What's your day job?

Hey IH!

I see a lot of people doing side hustles on IH, and I really admire that hard work! Great job side hustlers! :)

But... What is your day job?

The skills you are currently making your living out of could also be super valuable to other IH so I am encouraging you to share them even if you might find your side projects more exciting (aka your babies), let's see how we can help each other with those skills!

Excited to hear your answers! :)

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    I'm an anesthesiologist (physician).

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      Cool what is your goal with Ih?

      Building a side project?

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      Yay, I discover more and more that physicians are also hanging out here :) I will finish med school in 6 months ;)

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    Dishwasher/line worker restaurant. Currently not an indie hacker yet eg. made anything that makes money. I freelance as a full stack developer/trying to get hired full time. Eventually build something that people would pay for. I actually have a fun niche idea, I just have to put it together.

    (2 days later)

    edit: I actually just got hired by a web agency full time primarily as a front-end developer. I look foward to it not only higher pay, but mostly I get to do cool stuff that varies/that feeling of accomplishment. I just have a lot of problems outside of work like transport/past financial difficulties. I really hope I can keep this job. It's pretty brutal, might be Ubering into work for a while at least in the mornings to get there... that's a chunk of change.

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      Awesome, good luck!

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    I'm a product manager at a small online business doing marketing/web/sales/customer support/development stuff

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      That's a lot of "/" , you may be a living example of small business jobs that have a lot of "hats" haha :)

      Thanks for sharing!

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    Lawyer here!

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      Another lawyer here! Hi :)

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    JS Developer here:)

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    I'm a structural engineer

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    I am a Software Engineer and work as a Full-stack developer In Uruguay for a USA company

    Currently we are working for PeopleNet (a Trimble company) with the following stack: Angular, Groovy, Elastic Search, MySQL, etc

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    Mechanical Engineer

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    I'm a diplomat

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    Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer 💪 It's awesome, because I meet tons of awesome people and I get to speak to my own target audience for a job.

    Not to mention I've always been fitness & health obsessed 😁

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    Web Designer/Developer for a small agency in Vancouver. I handle all design work as well as WordPress projects from start to finish.

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    I work as a Front End Developer, I have a side project and I'm in the process of becoming a stripper.

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    I write software and manage software development teams/projects. Right now my FTE is creating a cybersecurity product.

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    I'm the cto at a listed (smallcap) fintech company.

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    Another software architect here, background in full stack software development mostly on .NET stack.

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    I'm a full stack developer leaning towards backend.

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    I'm a software engineer working mostly on back-end webdev. I moved into tech via coding bootcamp in 2014. Before that I was a 911 operator and helped run a speech therapy company with my wife.

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    I am a Software Product Manager.

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    Software engineer/team manager. Also would consider joining somebody non-technical as a co-founder.

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    Hey. Im Working as a quality Manager in a Automotive Company. I Dont want to spend more time in This big Company System. Im looking how i can Use these skills to build my own think and work free. Any ideas?

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    I'm a marketer and into community building since last 3-4 years through hosting events, customer success and online community management in social media, email newsletters.

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    I'm an agile coach :)

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    I am a computer engineer and I manage a team of developers in the Financial Services industry

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    Currently working on my product full-time, but it's not making any revenue yet so I'm living on savings.

    (P.S. If anyone is hiring, I'm looking!)

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    i run , handle sales and hiring, and most things there :)

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    I do consulting as a fullstack developer as well I just picked up a gig as a part time professor teaching a tech stack I'm not that familiar with so I'm forced to learn it :)

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    I'm a design engineer in Aerospace domain. But nowadays, I wrote lots of Python code to automate our tasks. We have tons of data to work with.

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    Field archaeologist in Ireland & UK.

    We do a lot of old graveyard surveys and from that are developing to capture the rise of cremations & associated cultural change.

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    Running a freelance web development agency. Hit me up if you need help building or launching. 👋

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    Product Manager for roughly 10 SaaS sites, covering Workplace Safety, HR, Training, and Publications. Currently exploring PWA's and Blockchain outside of cryptocurrency.

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    I am a product/engineering/design recruiter by day and am building an Applicant Tracking System (I am a former engineer and product manager).

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    I quit my full-time gig last year when I launched my side project and it started generating revenue ( I split my time 50-50 between that, and freelance consultancy for content strategy, marketing and other such things.

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    System engineer/architect.

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    I'm CTO at a start up by day

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    I have a weird job title of Resource Manager. It is a combination of people management and delivery management. I work for an outsourcing company which in turn works for a top investment bank. And for my whole stint I've been working on pretty intensive distributed calculations of market risk metrics. First in a capacity of a developer and as a manager for a few years now.

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    Marketing 😀👋

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    I'm a devops engineer at a commodity trading software company.

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    I'm a product engineer for one of the big banks in Asia. It's perfect for me, I can keep my skills up to date, and the job itself isn't that stressful.

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    I am a software engineer doing Front-End and Node.js development for a tech company in China, also doing some product management stuff.

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    I am a software engineer doing Node.js Development for 3d dental printing startup in Singapore :)

    The day job

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    Backend web development, helping a booming startup keep booming. (AWS, Heroku / Postgres / Python / Django / Angular).

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    I work as a web developer for the media designing gorgeous templates around press releases. So it's not just plain text anymore. A few weeks ago I published a blog post on what I do. Definitely love being creative.

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    My title is Front End Architect but all my recent employers have poorly functioning engineering orgs. They spend millions but they underperform engineering-wise most of the IH projects here.

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    Software engineer. Crazy, I know. I have experience in several domains like full-stack web dev and indie game dev.

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    Software developer. I mostly work with Angular and .NET stuff (sometimes sharepoint shudder). Also studying towards a masters too.

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    Mobile developer. I do React-Native and native iOS and Android.

    My side project ( is currently React + Django + postgreSQL hosted on Heroku and AWS.

    It's fun to to do different things. React intersects my day and night hacking though :)

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    Software Engineer, primarily doing web development (full stack) but with side projects it tends to go into new territory :).

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    I'm currently funemployed but will probably be transitioning to freelance software engineering

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    I run a small studio that creates animated explainer videos, mostly for tech companies. Here's my site:

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    I'm an Implementation Consultant at a start-up in Amsterdam

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    I’m a software engineer for a small/medium sized software company. We make ERP software for other engineering firms.

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    software engineer

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      Cool George!

      Is it freelance or working at a Startup or something?

      Since you are in SF ;)

      Thanks for the comment!

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        I'm in SF and work for Salesforce

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    I’m a marketing manager for an email marketing platform called Cordial :)

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      Hey again Corey 😉

      Very cool stuff, what do your daily challenges look like as the Marketing manager for Cordial look like?

      I am using my newsletter to help out founders, PM's or Marketers like you, so I would love to know! :)

      Cheers and thanks for the comment!

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        Most of my challenges revolve around resources. Lack of design resources, writing resources, dev resources, etc.

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    Business Development for distributed/decentralized energy.

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      Sounds fancy!

      Can you be a bit more specific about what does your day to day tasks look like?

      Super curious ;)

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        Sure, since the world is moving towards more distributed energy (specifically from a power perspective) I work on looking at companies that we can acquire or partner with to build out that infrastructure. End up doing a lot of analysis, putting together pitches/documents and also hearing plenty of pitches from various people.

        By virtue of it being a decentralized strategy I get pulled into a lot of ideas around blockchain so was thinking of doing something related to that as a side hustle.

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    I'm a cloud integration/automation consultant.

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      Very cool Ben!

      How does consulting relate to your Servicebot project?

      Really curious to see if you pivot the leads from your consulting and Servicebot to get the best value possible.


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        A lot of the inspiration for Servicebot came from the kind of work I was doing. We essentially built a platform that manages the service lifecycle, which is similar to managing the lifecycle of a virtual machine.

        Unfortunately the companies I consult for are too big for us to handle (most are fortune 500) and my contacts are not really people who would need Servicebot.

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    I'm a product manager for a company called Hostelworld. Worked in CRO (FASCINATING!) and recently moved onto in house apps and building out the community. Paying special attention to what @csallen is doing here cos I love it so far.

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      Dude, love hostel world. Came back from a trip to se Asia. Everyone I met on the way used hw

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        That's awesome. Any ideas for improvements let me know 😀👍

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      Hi again Chris!

      Happy to see a subscriber to my newsletter here ;)

      Yeah @csallen definitely is building an amazing community a lot to learn from him

      Cheers and thanks for the comment!

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        Ha didn't even realise! Small world 😊👍

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    I am a remote contract software developer as well as a master's student.

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      Hey Onar,

      Saw you quit your job to pursue the master's how is that going for you?

      What your plans for that?

      Looking forward and thanks for the comment!

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        thanks for asking :)

        not bad so far, it gave me more time to hack my way to become an indie hacker.

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    I am a web designer and developer on a marketing team. 👋

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      Nice Dylan, do you enjoy it or want to make ThemeLatte your full time job at some point?

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        I am currently enjoying it, it helps me fill my knowledge gap with marketing. Plus, I can work on ThemeLatte at work between projects. 😄

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          Wow, working on side projects in between projects...that sounds like a cool job haha 👍

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    I'm a Software Architect. I'm also a software engineering consultant.

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      Hi Tom,

      Is consulting your side hustle? How is that working out for you?

      Thanks to the answer ;)

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        It's one of them, but my main side hustle is Consulting basically pays for Witsi to run while I try to get more users. The main job pays all my other bills.

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    Hi @pedrocortes -

    I develop reports for our customers and internal teams at Aunt Bertha.

    I've definitely thought about developing my own analytics product, so I'm happy to talk about any challenges people run into around analytics/reporting/data warehousing

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      Hey Noah,

      Very interesting stuff man, thanks the answer!

      What are the plans for the analytics product? What's the USP?

      Looking forward to your answer ;)

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