May 16, 2018

Ask IH: What's your social media strategy and what tools do you use?

I'm about to ahead and begin my social media strategy for Facebook and Twitter for the next 3-6 months. Was wondering if anyone else has a strategy lined up, how do you manage and plan posts/tweets?

Any tools you use to assist your social media goals?

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    I'm only driving users to a sign up page, and my market is very image heavy, so I use hootsuite to automatically post to IG about 3-4 times a week. Which is also generating highly targeted followers which I can repurpose later for a "look-a-like" audiece if I want to do paid traffic.

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    Not sure how far along you are but I had a Lifestyle app on App Store that constantly enters App Store Top 200.

    My strategy:

    • Post in FB groups that will actually let you post or are between school friends

    • Create easy and clear copy about your software launch for friends and family to share in fb posts and instagram stories

    • Try to optimize for actual conversion/downloads etc. because its easier for users to see the immediate value of product upon conversion instead of awareness

    Brought in 1000+ users within 2 months for me.

    Issue is that it gets old fast and you stop reaching people after a while.