June 12, 2018

Ask: is it worth it to use Product Hunt's "Upcoming" feature?

Considering making a post about our product until we're ready to properly launch. Has anyone of you here used "Upcoming" successfully to build an audience pre-launch?

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    I used it for a while, here's my opinion on why it sort of is useful, but maybe not:

    Makes Sense:

    • It's great to share an idea before launch and start building an audience

    • It's great to test an idea before building anything. You just need a Name, catchy Tagline, some Product Photos, and Description.

    • You have the ability to interact with Subscribers

    • PH people want to try out new products

    Doesn't Make Sense:

    • Paying $79+ per month is kind of expensive

    • If you were publishing "Upcoming" products often, like weekly, just to test and validate ideas then that could be useful

    • But if you are really focusing on one product that you plan on launching within <3 months it doesn't really make sense

    Here's my examples on my company PH page: https://www.producthunt.com/team/spacetime



    Providing an "Upcoming Products" section on PH is awesome. But the monetization method doesn't make sense.

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      I agree with these points. I think the page and features are a useful way to collect early feedback. Don't expect to get any random signups or visibility from creating it, unless you pay and are featured.

      But, you can promote it yourself and use their tools to manage the signups.

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    I used it when it was in beta and I’m using it again now.

    I think the pricing is RIDICULOUS, however they have somewhat cornered the market when it comes to tech launches so if you want some of those eyeballs you have bend over and let them have their way with you in that regard.

    My issue with is... it seems very easy for people to subscribe. I got a reasonable about of subscribers, like about 100 in 48 hours. I was really happy. Then I started engaging with them via the “ship” messaging tool and no one, NOT ONE SUBSCRIBER, engaged with my messages.

    Also back to the prIcing. If anyone from PH is reading this, the UX is garbage in places and flat out broken in others. You should get your product beyond MVP before charging through the nose for it.

    Why am I using it? For one reason and one reason only: to schedule a launch date. It seems to be the only useable feature on the “pro” plan. Everything else is on the “super pro” or whatever it is, which costs about $10,000 per month.

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    I actually just submitted my upcoming project to them, I'll report back to you on how helpful it was once I'm launched.

    Check it out here: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/tadabase

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    I'm currently using the free tier "Ship" feature for https://routepath.app and it's pretty useful to just have a landing page and start collecting emails.

    I've considered switching over to the paid tier, but I'm kinda on the fence. I can definitely see the value of having a promoted "Upcoming" product for discovering potential users early, and the surveys seem like a great idea. But man, that price is high.

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    Product Hunt is the biggest tech community, so it definitely helps in getting exposure to the thing you're building, before the big launch.

    I've used it once before successfully, and now again. Definitely recommend it.

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    A few people I know have used it and it worked pretty well for them. It's nice to build momentum for your launch, test your messaging, and gauge overall interest :)

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    No. If you are (about to) launching one product. You get a really weird and confusing UI, and unless you are paying you still have to do the grunt work of promoting the page. If you have a network with ‘influencers’ this might be easier.

    Also think about the audience PH serves and the audience you are serving. If they do match, it might be worth it.