December 6, 2018

Behavioural Psychology & Marketing Applications: 5 Best Articles Of 2018

Hi everyone!

So this year I've tried incorporating my psychology education and experience in marketing, and wrote a series of articles on how we can use psychology to increase sales.

As this year is coming to an end, here's a list of the ones I personally find most interesting. Often, for personal knowledge as well as for the marketing purposes. Check them (or at least some of them) out and let me know what you think!






Thank you ❤️

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    Alina that's cool, but why to use clickbait heading?

    They are not "5 best articles of 2018", they are "5 bets articles by Alina Gorbatch of 2018" or something.


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        a click on indie hackers isn't valuable

        What is your goal, then?

        Based on your history, you're not commenting on anyone else's topics. You've used the site exclusively to share links to your blog.

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          @AlinaG I agree with @alchemist. Even if it's not your goal to get clicks, posting nothing but links (and links to your own content at that) doesn't make for good discussion and comes off as spammy.

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            I got your point everyone. I'll write a title differently next time. As for my history, I've been on this site for seven days. Give me some time to adjust, will ya :)

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              Yep! I typically ban spammers outright, but I can tell you're posting in good faith and trying to adjust. Welcome to the community!

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                Thank you!

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    Looks cool! Bookmarked it :)