September 14, 2018

Best Way to Sell Code?

What is the best way to sell source code for a web app?

I've looked at a few marketplaces like Gitmarket & Gitbip but I don't really want to be giving up 20-30% of revenue when I can process payments with Stripe for a lot less. Also, I would prefer to own the customer data myself for distributing future updates.

Would it be possible to process a payment on Stripe then send an email with a link to a private repo? Or would a ZIP file download be best?

Any advise would be appreciated :-)

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    I use SendOwl and have been very happy with them. My s/w BootBundle is in a .zip.

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    Your explanation seems to dismiss the fact that a marketplace does the marketing for you, so you're actually paying that 30% for marketing services. How are you going to find customers if you don't put it on a marketplace? Is the tradeoff worth it given your particular prices and ability to find customers?

    You can set up webhooks in Stripe and that way you can trigger the email with the link to go out. Zapier might help you avoid writing your own code for this. is more up your alley for this kind of product, so check them out. They specifically target the purchasing of digital downloads use case.

    Simple and fair pricing
    You deserve the vast majority of each and every sale.
    Starts at $10 a month and 3.5% + 30¢ per charge.

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      Gumroad looks great – thank you.

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    Hi, last year i did create a sideproject: it was a springboot project template (java based) and started selling it.

    I did install wordpress and added woocommerce. That was an easy way to do get all the money and keep the data. Woocommerce is dead simple and a fantastic plugin

    I think the main benefit of a marketplace is the fact that marketplace is already known and may help you with marketing.

    My sideproject (honestly it is discontinued) is

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      Your website shows a database error 😫

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        As i told you before i discontinued it even if it required me a lot of work and even if i sold one copy (25 €)...that was the strangest thing to me that even if i sold a copy i dismissed the project...lack of confidence in the product i may think.

        I'd like to find time (and i think i'll find it in the next months) to resume the whole project. In the meantime if somebody is interested, i may create a post explaining what did meant to create a product (product creation = 35% of the time, all the other stuff = 65% and product creation took at least one month)

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      It's a one time sale on the lower tier, but higher tiers would receive updates. I don't need a licence, I'd just tie the customer email to a plan in a database, then send out the updates via email.