January 11, 2019

Best websites to get free vector images for front-end development?

I've been trying to recall lately about a website that generates free vector images that is consistent in design. Does anyone have a clue about it? It would really help me. Thanks.

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    The website that I was looking for seems to be


    Nevertheless, thank you all for your help!

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    thenounproject.com is perfect for what you need.

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    If you’re looking for Illustrations, have a look at https://www.drawkit.io

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    Are you looking for Freepik?

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      No, I'm looking for a website that provides graphic art with customisable colours. I've stumbled upon it once but have long since forgotten.

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        https://undraw.co/illustrations ? Envato Elements is another option.

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          Yes, that's the website that I've forgotten. Thank you very much!