October 10, 2017

Bootstrapping In a Nutshell – Ep #1: How to Select Your Domain Name for SEO

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    Great read! Thanks for breaking your process down for us.

    If you're not on the first page of Google, you're invisible

    This is 100 percent true. I believe great American philosopher, Ricky Bobby, said it best:

    If you ain't first, you're last.

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      Ah ah I totally agree with this quote! Especially in the online business!

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    I think Popcorn Time might be taken ;)

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      Oh you're right. I was pretty sure I already heard this somewhere, that's confirmed, anyway they did a great job for their name!

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        I might look at pairing "hit(s)," "movies," "films," or "flicks" with "upcoming," "next," or "future."



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          Thanks for these new words @shanecleveland, they make sense! I like upcominghits a lot!

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    Here ya go :)





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      Thanks for your list! HerculeanMovies ah ah I laughed a lot on this one ;). I like GiantMovies.

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    Very detailed writeup... great job! I'll bookmark this for when I finally start a new project

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    Wow, Google Keyword Planner is super useful! Thanks :)

    I like:

    • weeklypopcorn

    • inboxhits

    • inboxpopcorn (?)

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      Thanks Jeremy!

      I already picked up the domain name, as I needed to move fast to continue the writings. FYI I got inspired by a reader suggestion :). I'll reveal it in Ep#3. Ep#2 will be released early next week.

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    Hey Jeremy is Pierre the guy from Toulouse who makes apps, thanks for your tips

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      Hey Pierre! Thanks! Nice to see you here! You will love this community!