February 11, 2019

Bootstrapping to Millions in Revenue, Not Once, But Twice! with Ajay Goel of GMass

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    This down to earth interview was very, very helpful to me. I've been slogging away at rebuilding an application I developed for a client and offer it under an SaaS model, and it has been really tough trying to face how I'm going to deal with my shortcomings, especially without the funding (and the personal inclination even if I had it) to hire a sales team and multilingual support staff. Thanks very much for sharing your story Ajay. It's given me a lifeline to hang on to.

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    So excited this is live! Thanks @csallen. If anyone has any follow-up questions, please hit me up on Twitter, @PartTimeSnob.

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    Great interview. Very down to earth. Love the bit where he admits he doesn't know how to reinvest to grow the business.

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    Love this interview. Thanks @csallen and @PartTimeSnob

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    Great interview! When growing a business on your own, most people struggle with self-doubt, specially when they are fully aware of their own limitations. But it's so great to see how Ajay is able to deal with all of that in a very smart way by playing to his strengths. Thanks for sharing!