August 10, 2018

Bought a domain so it's serious now. You can subscribe for an early access

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    Saw the words visual scrapper and I said YES. auto sign up

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    I really like this idea. I think it has a lot of potential.

    A few questions

    1. How does your scraper handle data behind logged-in state?

    2. Can your scraper account for moving physical layouts? Eg. Ads might move layout slightly. Will the scraper also move its selection range?

    3. Can the scraper give an alert if a pattern changes? See Check4Change.

    Overall I think this is a useful tool that can be turned into a good business.

    Would love to talk more about it, if you're interested :)

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      Thanks for feedback.

      1. I am not planning to handle logging in. Would require me to get credentials from users and fight captchas. I will start from srcaping publicly accessible URLs.

      2. It will run in chrome without any extensions. To make accurate screenshots you would have to enable ads for a moment. I am also thinking about giving users a way to remove DOM elements based on jQuery selectors.

      3. My idea was only to refresh the screenshots when user enters the dashboard, but maybe will refine it.

      Sure, let's talk. Hit me up on twitter, DM's are open.

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    Interesting - are those widget clickable (e.g. if you see the top 5 on HN - can you click one by one of them (parse html/dom), or just an image?) or just screenshots?

    Love the concept and think this could be good for both a dashboard as well as alerts.

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      These will be screenshots. Point is to extract only the interesting data, if you want to go to website you will just have to click a link.

      Thanks for support and please subscribe. The more people I have on the list, the more I will be motivated to release soon :p

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    This looks awesome, I can't wait to try it.

    When I read your subtitle my face turned into a big question mark, the video cleared it up though. Maybe you can switch out the generic photo in the header for something which can help viewers understand the visual web scraping part?

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      Thanks for feedback. The project is still in a very early stage. Once I have some visuals I could use I will embed them on landing page so that its more clear right away.

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    Pablo - I take a look at a lot of ideas here - and your one is right up there.

    I think it's excellent... I think it needs some design attention and as I will always say - you need to figure out a very simple (perhaps single tier) pricing level - over 10 scrapes and you have to pay maybe?

    Note in English - it would be pronounced ScrAYpee... Scrappy as you pronounce it would have two p's... Sraypee is a nice name - simple and to the point. "Personal Internet Dashboard" is a great phrase too.

    Will add my name to the list - and hope you continue - it's got legs.

    The last time I saw something similar - was an iOS dashboard app - I can't remember the name. It discontinued about a year ago and I was gutted. It brought in metrics (as opposed to screen parts) from other apps and consolidated them in one place.

    In theory, this is more powerful.

    I wish you lots of luck.

    Best wishes,


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      Thanks for a sub and an encouragement, means a lot when just starting to work on a new idea.

      Will let you know once beta is testable ;)

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    Subscribed. Interesting idea - I know you mentioned those are screenshots only, but it would be nice if we could interact with it like in the case of the chart.

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      Interactions probably not for MVP because it would be order of magnitude more diffucult do develop. Maybe further down the roadmap.