June 13, 2018

Build a 2-pizza team

"If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large. — Jeff Bezos"

How many of you believe in Bezos' 2-pizza team theory?

We've shared our experience in having a lean team and the advantages of having a lean team over a big team.

Here's the read - https://blog.codegiant.io/build-a-2-pizza-team-e50974db2953

Do share your experience and inputs.

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    I definitely agree with this. A parallel is I never understood why people aim to hire more people and grow huge companies. Sure if you have a good reason to do that but most companies don't.

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      At times, we do need to hire more people but in such cases, we should split the team in 2-pizza sized teams.

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        Yes of course... what I mean is instagram sold to Facebook for $1B with only 13 employees. That kind of productivity is what every company should aspire to.

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    Small is much better. It allows you to move faster. I've worked on big teams and in theory you should be able to get more done, but the overhead of communication (ie. keeping everyone going in the same direction) becomes a huge burden. This is exactly what you pointed out in #4 of your article =)

    My dream is to build my current project (www.tribefive.me for reference) into a 2-pizza team. Just big enough that we can move fast, but small enough that we don't buckle under the weight of additional processes needed to make sure everyone is on the same page.



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    Price's law :)