November 8, 2018

Building a tool to improve the relationship between advertisers and agencies. We need your feedback

Hey IH,

We struggled for a year to find the right agency to handle our Adwords account, and still haven't. Some agencies did not keep us posted on the progress, while others stopped answering our phone calls. With all 3 agencies we've worked with, we always felt like we were being taken advantage of.

After talking to a few people who were experiencing similar issues, we decided to work on a solution to this particular problem, and we'd love to hear your feedback on it.

It is currently being developed with the client first in mind, but we feel it can also be used by agencies to bring more transparency to the process.

Here's how it works for an advertiser working with an agency :

  • you get to see in real time, everything happening on your Adwords account ( more platforms will be added later on). That includes everything the agency has done, the type of modifications, what metrics have improves and what goals have been achieved;

  • your account is audited daily by our system to detect any red flags, and will alert you about it;

  • you get alerted every time something is wrong, including when your campaign is running but as well when no modifications have been made for a long period of time;

  • you get detailed weekly reports;

Do you guys relate to the problems described ? is this something you'd want/need ? We'd love to hear your story and what you think about this?

Thanks a lot!


  1. 1

    Why would an agency sign up? All the features are client side do you have anything to attract agencies? Lack of transparency is a feature for most agencies.

    1. 1

      The product will be first dedicated to advertiser.

      But when we think about it we realize that It could as well help agencies:

      • this tool can be reminder for them

      When you manage different companies, let's say 8 accounts, sometimes you can forget to focus on a specific one during rush time.

      Moreover, if they can have a reminder saying that a specific campaign have not received any modifications for the past month, it will force them to work on it.

      A kind of assistant who helps them be rigorous.

      • for billing questions, agencies need to know how many times they've worked each week or month on each client

      It could maybe help them to know if they've worked on specific accounts

      • if we can correlate the date of modifications and the results (cost of conversions, conversion rate, clicks...), it could be great informations to have when you optimize an account.

      Let's say that last month you've done ads modifications. It will be really cool to correlate these modifications with the CTR, and check if your optimizations have worked or no.

      Usually agency don't have a tool where they save their modifications, optimizations.

      So it can give them a good view about their work.