February 27, 2017

Building an App for the Solar Industry, Growing to $1,000/mo

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    Hey Andy, you did'n tell about your actual competitors (http://steprobotics.com/lens-app/ ; http://comovingmagnetics.com/). Did you tried to contact them ? The value proposition that you have is really game changing ?

    Thanks for sharing your story !

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      Thanks for your question, Arnaud! We knew of both the products you mentioned before having started work on Photon. Neither, unfortunately, had gained traction among the solar installers we surveyed. Users were hesitant to use any product that didn’t have any guarantees of accuracy behind them.

      Our value proposition here, which isn’t game-changing in any way, was to be rigorous about proving our accuracy to our users. We issued our white paper (https://tryphoton.com/study) and now have NREL-backed certification of our accuracy.