October 10, 2018

Business partner/co-founder looking to join a startup


I have experience from startups and solid business (incl. legal) background. Can help with anything except for coding :) - establishing company, marketing, strategy, go-to-market, partnerships, building a network, you name it.

I am based in London and looking to join an interesting startup. Connect with me if you are looking for a business co-founder/partner or just want to exchange ideas or chat.



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    Hi Anna, I'm also based in London. I'm a full stack developer and I'm working on a few SaaS ideas. Hit me up on twitter @ESCarneiro or my email address (in my profile) if you are keen to have a chat.

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    Hello Anna,

    I am looking for interesting people to partner and ways to go to market and expand. My background is programming and data analysis with more than 8 years of experience on F&B.

    The strongest aspect of my system is multiple store management, growth and scaling.

    Our company AnalytIQ consists of 2 Javascript programmers, 1 programming for Geocoding and 1 PWA Programmer.

    My strongest case study for the last 2 years is a Burger chain in Greece consisting of 8 stores and growing. Have also some minor installations ad-hoc.

    I have a presentation and building company's website (demo version @ the moment).

    If you are interested I can brief you with further information.


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      Sounds great. How to connect with you?

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        Hello Anna,

        Sorry for the late response. I am moving to a new area and being busy. Can you please send me your email address and connect with you.


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    Hey there, any interest in AI and Visual Search for retail?

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    What are your areas of interest?

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      Industry does not matter if there is an interesting idea

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    Hi Anna, I am designer and coder. love to discuss more.

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    Hi Anna.

    I'm building filerequest.eu alone. I know how to code and design but painfully learning the rest :)

    I would love to tell you more about it.

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      "Okay, we lied..." :))))))

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      How are you doing?

      Interesting. I had a few ideas in this space too so happy to know more

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        Awesome let's get in touch my email is

        Hey at filerequest.eu

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