December 6, 2018

Can I get feedback on my productivity app landing page?

Hey everyone, you may remember that I posted about my product Artemis before. Today I finished v2 of the site!

Works best on desktop, sometimes the gif of the product won't play on mobile:

Is the message clear? Any critiques on design/copy/layout? What would you change about the product itself, if anything?

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    Looks great! Love how easy it is to signup and the hero description is very clear.

    I was wondering if it might be better to rephrase the value propositions to be what the product DOES versus DOES NOT do. Personally, I respond better to positive phrasing and it gives you an opportunity to point out features.

    "No more forgetting to add breaks" -> "Automatically adds breaks to prevent burnout" (or something)

    Sell me on what my life will look like after I start using Artemis. Am I saving time? Am I getting those lovely breaks? That generally gets people more excited 😄

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      Interesting, some other people told me to focus on pain points rather than features. Perhaps I can add both, like "No more xyz," and under that, add "Add abc for xyz"

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        I think there are a couple levels to consider - even if you chose to focus on the pain points, you can flip it to sound positive. A chiropractor, for example, could say "no more back pain" or "feel 20 years younger." (It might depend on the audience too.)

        I like the hybrid idea. I found myself wondering "how" for each point. A small note on the feature below each one could help.

        Either way, a quick A/B test might be interesting here!

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    Good stuff! It took me a few seconds to see what's going on in the gif but the idea is clear afterwards. Have you tried using static images with some markup to convey the idea?

    Personal opinion: I am not a huge fan of horizontal scrolling - it's not as intuitive as scrolling up and down. Any plan to have the option to view vertically?

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      I don't like horizontal scrolling as well, but I'm not sure how to fit the words in, as text is read left to right. It's different for Google calendar as there are no nested tasks so they can do vertical scrolling. Do you have any suggestions for solving this?

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        Something like Trello? It's lists are fairly narrow as well so I just have short titles for the tasks/cards and then more detail once I click into the card.

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    Looks really good! I think I got a pretty good idea of how it works mostly from watching the animation (using desktop currently).

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Love the design and concept. It may sound simple, but I appreciate how it represents time horizontally rather than vertically.

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      Thanks! Someone else here said they prefer a vertical representation of time rather than horizontal. Could you tell me why you appreciate the horizontal representation?

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        You're welcome. I think it feels right to me because English is read left-to-right. It is probably also related to the fact that most progress bars (like in a download, or when playing a song) move left-to-right. Because a progress bar indicates duration, it seems natural to me that a visualization of my time would flow the same way. Google calendar operates vertically for an intraday schedule, and it always bugged me a little.

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          I see, that was my rationale as well for doing it horizontally, and also because text is read left to right so it's easy to fit the descriptions of the task horizontally rather than vertically. Perhaps I can add a toggle for either option depending on what people's preferences are.

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    Looks cool! I think the video does a good job of quicklky showing what it would be difficult to convey in words. I've actually been looking for something like this, so I signed up for your waitlist - looking forward to trying it!

    If I had one small nitpick it would be that I don't like the purple dropshadow on the input field.

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      It's a little strong isn't it? I'll look into changing it. Thanks for your kind words!

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    I know "Join the Waitlist" is more accurate, but you might want to change it to "Join the Beta" or Launch. If someone is interested but wants to try it now, they might not take the time the fill out the form.

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      Yeah I could do that, do you think people would feel bait-and-switched though? Perhaps I could do a little popup under the form saying we're launching in X months I suppose.

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        It's hard to say. At the very least, the people who feel bait and switched would probably forget about your app and never see it again otherwise. And if they really like the idea, at least they'll be reminded about it again later.

        Trying to gauge interest is already difficult, and saying "by the way, we're not launched yet" is going to make it harder :)

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    Very cool! I'm very interested in hearing about the tech you are using for the drag/drop - timeline interface?

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      I haven't built the app yet! For the video I used Figma for the design and Principle for the prototype animations. And since Principle is Mac only, I literally had to dual boot a Hackintosh lol.

      Main stack will be in Vue and Elixir, it's open source actually so you can follow along.

      Do you have any recommendations for implementing smooth drag and drop?

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    Love the slick UI.

    And great idea on having a video.

    A couple of things:

    1. Video:

    It took me watching the video a few times to understand what the notches on the bottom were and what exactly happens when you drag and drop it around. Frankly, I still don’t think I fully understand it. But with the new Google Cal changes, first impressions were that you were on to something here.

    Recommend: Adding screenshots

    1. Waiting list CTA:

    For a second I thought that hello@... was your support email address. Maybe use “”. Also it looked like the Join Waitlist button was disabled due to the low hue.

    Recommend: Clearly marked input field / border as a Call to Action

    1. Next steps for me as a user:

    Is this a chrome extension? I wasn’t sure after I got accepted from the waitlist, what’s the steps/information to get up and running / what’s required from me.

    Recommend: “Sign up with your Gmail account. It’s that easy!”


    “Download our App. Extension for Chrome and Firefox coming soon.”

    1. Task Colors:

    Are the color codes used in the same way Google Cal operates? Are they up to me to set? Or are lunch breaks given one color, Backlog given another/Completed is green, etc.?

    My wishlist:

    I would personally love to breakdown tasks and sub tasks in Google Cal and categorize them via hashtags/labels or similar. It’s be great if it’s on your roadmap.

    And finally...

    Congrats on launching! Looking forward to seeing the follow up.

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      Thanks! I'll address these and get back to you.

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    @satvikpendem can you please share your closest and the most well-know competitor in your space? I would like to compare and provide feedback.

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      I'd say the closest two are and

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        @satvikpendem How would you describe your target market? Who these people are? ( entrepreneurs, agencies, small-business, consumers, any geographies etc.)

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          Target market for now is just consumers, people who want to improve their productivity. I haven't nailed down exactly who they are just yet, perhaps students and also companies. Eventually I want to sell a more comprehensive project management tool, like what Plan / Monday / Asana / Trello etc are doing, to enterprises and to users. Basically have a free plan, paid personal plan and a paid company plan.

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            Thanks @satvikpendem

            Give me a couple of days and I will circle back

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              I have a fantastic news for you! I ran the landing page first impression test with more than a dozen US-based respondents. I also ran A-B test against

              The information collected includes things such as first impression (design, professional look etc), is the messaging clear, social proof test, as well as deep understanding of the times when people use this kind of application.

              Every respondent provided qualitative information as well as detailed demographics.

              The resultant information and the takeaways are quite a bit.

              Do I have your permission to share findings in a much more detailed and in-depth post and share all the data? This way, other IndieHackers may also benefit from it.

              Sorry, I missed the meetup in DC ( kids birthday party). Hope to see you in-person in 2019

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                Sure, absolutely. Basically like a case study about my site?

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                  @satvikpendem here is the article.. please upvote if you find any value in it and would also love to hear your two cents..


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    looks sweet! Though I am not sure what the GIF is showing me.

    • are those #s minutes? time of the day? or?

    • the drag and drop looks cool — but what is it? Is that supposed to be my times in a 'day' on the right? my calendar? or?

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      Yes, the left is your tasks and the right is your day calendar, you drag and drop those task to schedule them onto your day. The sizes change based on how long you estimate the tasks (and any subtasks) to take.

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    I don't understand the mental model of the gif.

    Is the list the calendar? Is the sideways draggy thing the calendar? How do they interact? Maybe show the standard header footers of the 2 interfaces would help.

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      The list is today's tasks, and the scrolling part is a day calendar, where you drag and drop the task onto the day, and rearrange to reschedule when you want to do the task. I'll add a border between them so it's more clear, and I'll add a calendar header.