June 13, 2018

Can I get some feedback on our new marketing site?

A couple of friends and I are trying to make the transition from side project to start up. We just recently published a new marketing site and would love to get some feedback/opinions on things we can improve on. Thanks in advance.


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    Great start, but there are two big problems here:

    #1: Unclear value proposition

    I have no idea what your product is about or what's in it for me.

    Here are some big question marks I have:

    • What's the problem you are solving?

    • How does your solution work?

    • How easy is it to get started?

    • What do I get by signing up now and not later?

    #2: Lack of trust signals

    The site seems sketchy and unfinished.

    In addition to having a "Coming Soon" message above the fold (a big no-no), it also lacks some core trust signals:

    • Company or Team page

    • Terms and Privacy policy

    • Physical address

    • Copyright notice

    HTTPS is a plus though.

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      Thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts. We're definitely implementing this ASAP.

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    Love what you're doing and hope this progresses quickly. Lord knows we need more control of our own data. Here is some quick, off-the-cuff feedback. I think all of it is copy-related:

    • Overall, workshop the copy a bit more.

    • Are you looking for an audience that already owns IOTA? If not, consider changing that copy because most people won't remotely understand what you're offering based on the current text,

    • Find a hair-on-fire issue and address that in your copy. Maybe even call out Facebook, Cambridge Analytics, etc, and how your data is more secure using your service than with giants like Facebook that people already know

    • "BitBounti doesn鈥檛 store your private information. Ever..." makes it hard at a glance to understand what you're providing then. Does a person even need your service? Why? What value-add or problem do you solve.

    • Consider changing "sign up for updates" to something a bit more exciting like "be the first to get the beta" or something like that. IDK. This is a minor issue.

    • Overall change the voice to be a bit more confident. Yes you're in early stages, but maybe you have copy that says "We're moving quickly" or something like that. PR/Marketing speak exists because it works. Remember, you aren't drilling for oil in the Arctic wildlife preserve, you're just doing more "energy exploration"

    • the "bounti" in the name makes me think about bug bounties and flaws in software

    • I could never get fifth place in a crypto-blockchain-related contest, but to a lot of folks fifth place is abysmally bad. If you're going to go for a broader audience, consider ditching that, or re-wording it a bit.

    • The explanation to how I make money by selling my own data at the bottom is so far down the page it seems like it is almost hidden on purpose. Think about condensing that and moving it up the page if you can

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      This is all great feedback! Thanks for taking time to help out a fellow indiehacker 馃槈

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    As someone who is probably more knowledgeable than the average person on tech issues (but probably not as knowledgeable as most people on IH), I am also having a hard time figuring out what exactly the service offers and how it works.

    I have no idea what the IOTA ecosystem or the Tangle is, and since these are mentioned early and often that is signaling to me that this product is not meant for me.

    For this type of thing I would love to see a Step 1, 2, 3 explanation of how it all works right off the bat. Then if it is important, you can explain the unique technology that helps it work.

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      All 3 of us (co-founders) are technical so the language we use is definitely something we're starting to put more attention to. Using something like steps of explanation is a great suggestion. Thanks!