May 16, 2018

Can I just say: this site is beautiful!

It’s no surprise that this comes from a person related to Stripe, my – up until now – site that I refer to for great web design. Everything from the colors, to the layouts, little animations, hover effects, it’s what drew me in! I WANT to use this site! (Also for other reasons as well.)

Makes me think about the impact these things have on apps & other products. Thoughts?

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    There is a Medium article around that says a quarter of all site visits are from other designers looking to replicate it...

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      I always look for new CSS frameworks and make a point that with EVERY single project I create, I never use the same framework. It forces me to come up with new designs, templates, and learn the different classes of different frameworks. It keeps things interesting and keeps me away from falling into the trap of using the same or similar design every time.

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        I try to do the same thing with colors, fonts, layouts, etc. But I don't use CSS frameworks, just pure CSS!

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          I am a huge fan of CloudFlare's CDN library ( ) and take mostly everything from there, even just using the library directly. Very fast. It has never gone down in the 3 years I've been using it. So that is where I find a lot of neat stuff and apply it to my projects.

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      So make your design look beautiful for easy MAU? 🤑 (jk of course)

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      anyone have a link? i'm a little curious what else it says...

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    it's worth noting the site looked a lot like this before the acqusition (right?)

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      Not much has changed about it. The "Interviews" page used to be first when you landed on and you would just go to read.

      Since the Stripe acquisition, the "community forum" seems to have been put forth. I've had made a post of a pet peeve of mine... I acknowledged it within the community as room for improvement to actually be considered a "community".

      Biggest factor I was noticing a lot of people not answering questions, not leaving feedback, or basically people posting and getting ignored. I mean... there are thousands of people on IndieHackers, and not a single person can respond to feedback? Definite room for improvement.

      We all get busy. Believe me.. I hide in my house for days .. or I try .. and focus on my web apps.. I don't check forums, I don't look at Facebook, I don't look at email.. but when I do, if I see something that I can respond to or give feedback? Why not take a minute or two just letting someone know that someone out there has acknowledged them or their situation.

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    As a counter point, I actually find this site quite hard to read, and wish they would move to white background. The dark color scheme is a poor choice for primarily text content.

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      I love dark themes. A white theme option would be alright though.

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      But it feels so 'hackery' and right 😭😂

      An optional color scheme change probably wouldn't take long to create and would do the trick, though!