May 16, 2018

[Case Study]: How This SaaS Startup (ActiveCampaign) Built a Sales Funnel & Grew To 50,000 Customers

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    Thanks for the breakdown of such a detailed case study. Great read!

    I'm ready to try some tactics you listed for our SaaS product.

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      Do it Kat! Hopefully, I didn't provide tactics but a pretty clear playbook on how you can implement this for yourself and your product.

      I really try to make sure to give you everything you need to "GO!" in one post.

      Cause, hell - who likes jumping around from article to article trying to find a way to implement a strategy, you know?

      Good luck.

      Get pumped and run through a brick wall!

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    Thanks so much! Will give it a read. This part of business always been so tough for me to get a foot in the door. I been lucky to rely on organise inbound traffic for now but I also want to grow faster and these techniques are the best way - I know this bu I struggle to start haha.

    Can I just give you money to do a case study of all the things I am doing wrong or could be doing with my product based on your research? :)

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      HA! You got this Tharshan, I believe in you!

      One thing about momentum, once you get started it's a lot easier to keep going than to stop.

      Don't put too much pressure on yourself to grow fast, neither.

      Take your time, test things out properly, see what works and what doesn't work - and then once you find out what works - TRIPLE DOWN ON IT.

      Like I said, you got this.

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        Haha thanks. But seriously, let chat :)

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    Thanks for this. Great read

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      You're so welcome!

      Glad you liked it and hope you walk away with some ideas or two for your own projects.

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    so much depth. this was worth reading

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      Thank you so much man.

      This piece wore me down, 100% - but wanted to make sure I gave you guys everything you needed so you can do this for yourself, you know?

      Let me know if you implement any of the strategies or ideas in this breakdown.

      I love hearing about other people's experiences with it.

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    What tool are you using to give surveys after people opt in to your list so they don’t need to enter their email again?

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      Hey man. The tool is called SurveySlam.

      Here's a link to all my tool resources here:

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    what an epic piece man! learned a lot from it :-)

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      I'm happy for you man.

      In all honesty, doing the research about these guys, I learned a lot too. HA!