January 11, 2019

Cold calling in pairs

I read Matt's post yesterday about cold calling. I've had a good result with it too, but it's so hard to start, stay encouraged, get feedback, etc.

Maybe we could form little cold-calling buddy pairs? Either in person or remote, make a whole day of it. Come in with your list, cold call together. Swap every 15 minutes. Give feedback to one another. Encourage one another.

You could do this remotely too if you open up a second connection (e.g., Skype). If anyone's in Boston or Cambridge and wants to do a cold calling marathon together, let me know! Or post your location to find a buddy. I'm open to doing a remote one as well.

How does this sound to people? Any ideas to improve it?

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    Cold calling is an art. All the best. Practice and observe the customer minute hint and excuses.

    And always no matter how good you talk, some people are not meant to be ur customer so dont feel down abt it.