September 12, 2017

Come and destroy my product idea

Hi Indie Hackers,

Long time lurker here. Been working on side project and its getting to a point where we need to launch it and let it die or see if its actually useful to anyone.

Concept is a super simple poll/survey creator (multiple choice questions only), in a chat bot format. You can embed the chatbot widget onto a page (think intercom button), or send out a link to your survey.

See an example here.

Problems we are trying solve:

-Make completing surveys a more fun and intuitive experience for users and allow your brand or product to inject a bit of personality.

-A native feeling experience on mobile

-Simplify survey creation (most tools are wildly complicated).

-A personal way to engage with users on your site.

Everything is really barebones right now and the customisation of widget is yet to be finished, but you should be able to reg, create and share/embed surveys and collect results.

Would hugely appreciate any feedback, even if its pure hate!

This has mainly been a bit of fun we want to give away free, but if there's enough interest we may try to think about making it a SaaS, as there are sooo many features we want add but lack the time and money to invest. Right now, it would be great to get some feedback before we make it open for beta.

At a bare minimum, I hope you find my example at least a tiny bit entertaining, but hopefully some of you might find this useful as a tool for getting feedback.


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    Wow, this is a great idea and you've executed it really well!

    The demo made me smile, not something that can be said about many surveys! Your landing page looks great and explains the concept clearly (btw, how did you create the 'screeshots',? They look fantastic).

    Two small points:

    1 - There is a small typo on the landing page: "Quickly build up and accurate picture ".

    2 - The embedded widget button looks like it's for a chatbot. I think that a user would only click it if they needed help, so may end up being a bit miffed to find it's a survey. Also, if you click the [X] on the expanded widget, it disappears. It would be better if it just minimised so that you can come back to it.

    I hope that you continue with this product, as I reckon it would do well. Good luck!

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look, really appreciate it.

      Will fix the typo on the landing page - great spot. We're about to redo this page entirely, more of a placeholder for now. The illustrations are just SVGs that have a bit of animation.

      Interesting point about the widget button looking like a help button - will take that on board. We have a field that allows you to write a message next to the widget button which might help mitigate this.

      Again, thanks for looking!

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    I like it! If you need a hunter for Product Hunt let me know :)

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      Thank you! We are still waaaaay off a product hunt but that will definitely be a longterm goal.

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        :) good luck!

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    Looks nice!

    I just tested it and everything looks straightforward to use.

    I noticed 2 things:

    1. I was able to inject my own script tag (see

    2. You use Vue.js but it doesn't feel like SPA. For example, when I switch between editor tabs all the page is being refreshed

    Btw how do you like Vue?

    I'm also building my product using Vue and I'm very happy with it :)

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      Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated!

      I'm building this with a friend who is doing the dev, while I handle design/ux so I'll get him to look at 1 ASAP.

      As for vue, he'll have a better opinion on that then me :) We're using laravel spark which has been handy to get things up and running quickly.

      What is your product?

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      To your point 1, how did you do that?

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        I just put <script>alert('ok')</script> in the input field.

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          this should be fixed now - thanks for the heads up

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    The design is really nice and everything was simple to use when creating my first survey, especially on mobile. Well executed.

    Given that it is a chatbot interface, it does make the survey experience a little bit more fun. I personally hated filling out surveys.

    The only one thing I'd say is that the answers don't really seem to indicate that the user should click on one of them. I only clicked on them because I knew those were the answers I entered but I don't know if an end user would know that they should click on the green buttons. I'm also not sure what the difference is between "answer" and "response".

    I do like the product and I would be a user of it as I'm trying to collect feedback for my own app so hope you'll continue to build it out.

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      Thanks for the feedback tt. The point about how clickable the buttons are has come up before - we wanted to fix them to the bottom of the container but this was proving difficult so kept as is for now. But we'll definitely try and address this going forward.

      Please do keep using it - we'll keep updating it fairly regularly! Send me a link to your product, be happy to give some feedback to you if wanted :)

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        Awesome. Will do - still at the beginning stages and planning to revamp the website this weekend but you can head on over to

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    I like it. It works great for the poll format. It keeps your attention.

    But I think there's a problem, I mean, how do you respond to text input as answers? If you can't respond reasonably to them, then there's I'd say it's maybe even worse than your average surveys as you can't read at your own pace, and it's just becomes annoying with how slow the survey becomes.

    What's good though is that your product is based on messages which will not overwhelm the user with questions. You ask just enough and keep them hooked. Maybe this make everything else trivial in contrast, not sure.

    But I definitely think your idea is worth pursuing. You have also executed pretty well, and can imagine a product market fit for specific type of polls/surveys. But I think the big question is: Can you attain product market fit for almost all type of surveys that people want to create?

    It's not that interesting as a poll imo. Feels a bit overkill. Maybe I'm wrong.

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      Interesting points and I agree that we do have fairly narrow use case for market fit right now and the current format may not be flexible enough for a lot of users.

      Our thinking for MVP was to try and really nail this simple experience and then add features if we see enough demand. I feel really encouraged by all the feedback here, we were kinda in a slump with this so we'll push through, get it out there and do the ol' build, measure, learn.

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    What tool/service did you use to make the landing page animation?

    In terms of product, I think it's quite cool and I could see using it on my startup page. Where does the data/answers end up?

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      Used webflow to create the landing page, see the comment below for a fuller explanation.

      Data gets instantly added to your dashboard, you can click through each answer and see a breakdown of the poll over time.

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    Great idea and like others said, very well executed. I have to ask, did you use any particular tool to design those sick svg/CSS 3D representations?

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      I used a tool called webflow to build that page

      It's excellent, a visual builder for html and css that lets you create animations and transitions far more easily then coding by hand (for someone coming from a design background at least).

      Each 3D block is an SVG created in sketch, I then used webflow to animate them on scroll and exported the code.

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        Yeah I know webflow. I'm a fullstack developer but I've always thought of using it to speed up my workflow. I didn't know it would be that helpful to build the animations.

        Good work anyways.

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          Thanks mate. Definitely give it a go, it's pretty nifty and I think they are adding more functionality for animations in the near future.

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    I feel a bit flashed... because of your description I didn't expect it to be so good 😅

    The overall user experience of answering the survey in this way is really nice. I like that the loading time before posting the bots questions and answers is based on the text length? Or at least I have the feeling that you built it in this way.

    When creating the surveys I have to make one big point:

    When I edited my first question and answers I didn't expect that I was supposed to click on the "done" button first. Instead I clicked on "add a question" and got this browser alert with unsaved content, which feels a bit weird because there is no page refresh.

    The most important thing for you to kwow:

    Would I use your product? -> YES!

    Would I pay for your product? -> since I am not someone making a lot of surveys, a recurring pricing model would be not optimal for me, but if there is a thing like, pay 20$ and get 5 surveys, YES, I definitely would pay for it.

    Will I recommend your product if you launch it? Yes!

    Good luck and I hope my feedback is in any way valuable to you!

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      Wow, lovely feedback (always valuable), thank you so much! Will definitely look at your point about saving, the UX around here still needs some finessing.

      We are still discussing how, or if, we want to sell this, so your observation on cost is also noted.

      Thanks again!

      ps, that's exactly how we built the time delay :)

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        We are still discussing how, or if, we want to sell this, so your observation on cost is also noted.

        I think this might turn out to be one of your biggest challenges. I've used Typeform a lot, but I would never sign up for their PRO version, simply because I don't use the service regularly. Perhaps a fixed cost per survey would be better.

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    Like it! Especially the fact it works out of the box with Cyrillyc, hieroglyphs and all

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    I like the idea. This reminded me of something a friend told me about a company that has made employee training about regulations a game.

    Could you something like this with the bot? Something that could help new employees onboard and learn the new job?

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    typo in the 'texts'.

    'You tastebuds' -> 'Your tastebuds'

    Good luck!

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      fixed. Good spot - thanks!

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    Nicely done. Signed up and played with it a bit. May not be your focus - but any chance we can create these and get the results via an API? We just launched the MVP of our product strategy tool ( and built a Slack survey bot to gather value and cost estimates from the organization for ideas in the roadmap. We want to extend these surveys out to customers via email and were planning to build something similar to what you already have. If we could create these programmatically we could just integrate and save that headache.

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      Thanks for the feedback - let me chat to my partner regarding an API and get back to you feasibility/timescales. It would be a useful feature to have.

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    Looks great! Although I would put the gif at the top of the page.

    One look at that image and you know exactly what the product is. I took the survey at because it was so easy and I'm so used to reply to people in chats

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    This is a really great idea! I love how simple and intuitive the UI is.

    Best of luck continuing it in the future, looking forward to hopefully seeing more of Acquainted.

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    Before I tried out the demo, I was thinking, "Survey Monkey and Google Docs are good enough"; but I completely changed my mind after that. It is a better experience.

    My only question is are you ever going to allow surveys to allow users to backtrack on their answers in case of a mistake?

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    Very nice execution! good luck!

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    I think it's a really neat idea. Is there anyone else in that space? Surveys are generally quite boring to answer, so this format sounds like a good idea. Have you considered teaming up with other survey companies like Typeform?

    Anyway - how difficult is it to write the surveys? I've done quite a few lately and have had a lot of issues with even basic things such as conditional questions etc.

    Ps. I think there's a typo in the demo video: "Go that sweet male privilege. Nice!" -> "Got that.."

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      There doesn't seem to be anything out there that works for web, this concept exists on facebook messenger.

      You can have a go at making your own here

      We've spent a lot of time refining this process and trying to make it as simple as possible. Hopefully it feels relatively intuitive. MVP is super basic, so no logic yet, just multiple choice. If there is demand we'd love to build in logic, images, gifs, etc to make it a richer experience.

      Argh, that video is super old and was only meant to be a placeholder, thanks for pointing that out as we need a kick to finish building the new landing page. Trying to find the time around work is always a challenge!

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        You can have a go at making your own here

        Really neat interface. Easy to learn and grasp. Super nice product.

        One thing - It's not obvious to me what the script implementation actually does. Will it pop up like a chat for all visitors? Does it keep track of who responded and who didn't?

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          Great point, we do need to add some onboarding to make that clear. Adding the script will install the widget on page that will pop up like a chat window when the user clicks - see an example here

          It doesn't track who responded and who didn't, but that's on our roadmap.

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            Ahh, that also explains the setting for button text. You don't see that in the preview :)

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    I like it!! My school made me do Alcohol edu recently, and I had to click through like 9 pages of questions, super annoying!! I enjoyed the questions just popping up on me!! I will keep this bookmarked for when I need to do a survey

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      Great - thanks for the feedback! If you use it, let me know how you get on.

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    Great thing! I love the UX how the Chat Bubbles are popping Up, its really fun to go trough it and I can imagine the users responding well. Really low barrier to answer anything!

    I'd love to be a beta tester with our product at can you keep me in the loop for your launch? :

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      Thanks for the positive feedback! We'll let you know as soon as we feel its ready for beta testing, but there's nothing to stop you mucking around with it now if you like

      Still some customisation functionality missing but you should be able to create surveys and get results easily.

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        Its quite small on mobile, or our CSS is messing with it...

        • How long does it take for the results to show Up in the stats?

        • do I get a stats counter how many times the Button was shown vs. How many conversions i got?

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          That should display as normal size, will look into that ASAP

          Results should show up straight away, let me know if not coming through. Test it on a separate browser or incognito. For your point below, we don't have a setting to have the dialogue open by default but will add this to the list of customisations.

          Sorry, no counter for how many times the button was shown vs how many conversions - we are making a list of stats that will be useful and this one is on there, so will get added eventually.

          The other customisations are not working yet but hopefully will be up and running in the next week. That should allow header colour, button colour and widget button colour (we'll add an avatar eventually as well).

          Hang in there, super early days still, sorry that everything is so rough but we'll try and address all these issues in the next few weeks!

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            No worries, showing the chat by default would be the most important for me currently.

            Going to test the different Browsers....

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        Awesome, its already live for a test drive... A few questions:

        • is it possible to show the open chat dialog by default, without the user having to click the small icon? (i.e. by including a flag in the javascript?) --- Its quite intrusive for the visitor, but if I want to quickly gather lots of results in a short time (like now) I need it.

        • the "heading background color" seems not to work properly yet, button color works...