August 10, 2018

Creating a productized service to find where you customers hang out -- good or bad idea?

I'm currently creating a site for a productized service to help entrepreneurs find out exactly where their customers hang out and what products they already use. As a software engineer, I always end up building a product before even talking to customers, which I now know is the wrong way to go about things. I want to fix this problem for other aspiring IndieHackers.

By 'hang out', I mean blogs, forums, communities, chatrooms and news sites that your customers might frequent. I want entrepreneurs to listen to their target market and directly talk to their potential customers before making any assumptions. I'll create a customer handbook that has all this information in it. I'm also thinking of making it tiered so I can offer more services like target customer interviews and finding out what products they are already using to solve their problems. What do y'all think? Is this a bad or good idea? Why?