October 10, 2018

Creating An App

Hi All,

Great forum! I've been viewing here anonymously for some time. I think I am ready to take the plunge.

I have an idea, essentially a gym buddy app - with a bit of a twist. Almost like a TripAdvisor for Gym Goers.

However, I lack the technical expertise to actually create the app - and don't have £30k+ to spend on development.

Can anyone recommend good app builders? Or any tips on getting started with the app phase?


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    Bubble might be of interest to you.

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    As in, an app where you can find and rate gym buddies? Interesting.

    As for creating the app, it doesn't have to be £30k. You can find app developers on websites like Upwork for much much less. Something like £2-5k.

    An alternative is learning a bit of coding to develop part of it, and then pay for it to be finished. It will come out cheaper. And you don't need to be an expert -- I knew no Swift when I started my app Merrier.

    Though first, I would validate this idea by creating a landing page and driving traffic to it. See if people actually want to use the app. You don't want to spend £££ and waste months working on something no one wants. Social apps like this are insanely difficult to get traction for

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    Congrats on getting started!

    Have you thought of finding a technical co-founder / friend who would be willing to work on this with you for a stake in the company/product? This may be a good approach due to not having the money to spend which I totally get.

    If you want to stay solo, there are some app builders with no coding required if you do a google search, such as Thunkable (https://thunkable.com)

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the info.

    I have been given a lot of food for thought. I actually have two ideas for a mobile app, and this one is probably more adventerous than the other one - so I think I am going to start with a basic logging app to get used to things first.

    By landing page, do you mean a front page to a website which just highlights the key parts of what the mobile app will eventually include?

    I have been looking at pairing with a technical co-founder - but I'm struggling to find a good site that is reliable.