October 11, 2018

Day 6: 30 Day Blog Challenge - [Promote] Optimize draft for SEO!


@cyberGhost: 0 of 30

@Eli2: 0 of 30

@Harlem: 5 of 30

@keving: 1 of 30

@MrGaryFox: 3 of 30

@navdevl: 2 of 30

(More than 3 misses and you're out!)


Challenge: [Promote] Optimize your first draft for SEO!

Time Box: 30 minutes

Evidence of completion: Provide long-tail keyword and favorite tool to discover such.

[Optional] Reading: Hubspot

  1. 1

    @Harlem Signed up for free SEM Rush trial. Bit overwhelming to start with but incredibly powerful tool. I used it briefly a few years ago but will take some time to get back up to speed with.

    Keywords I've been researching are productivity blogs, productivity vlogs and productivity challenges

  2. 1

    My long-tail keyword will be "new dating app". Haven't a favorite tool yet, but signed up for SEMRush's free 7-day trial.

    馃檶馃従 Had my first pitch accepted for the only Medium publication in the top 20 focused on relationships! Did anyone else have similar success?