August 10, 2018

Dear Indie Hackers : Listen please ! (( :-())

Frankly speaking I aam a noob here. I dont know much about starting an online business or productized service. But still I tried and I created this though simple wordpress.

And people's feedabck is not much great about that.

i just prepared it in hurry.


So what are your thoughts now what should I do??

What improvements should I make?

Do I need co-founder?

Help me please!

P.S. I dont want to do a 9-5 job :(


  1. 1

    Mike - I think you have to take a really good hard look at your competition in this area - there's lots of it.

    Take a really honest critical eye. Would YOU really buy from the site you've currently set up? Does it scream design-sense (in that, that is what you're actually selling)?

    You are what you are online.

    The good news is that there's a market place for this relatively new productised service type -

    You have to compete with what's out there... but first and foremost, find someone to design your landing page and make it desirable.

    The other thing you could do to differentiate, is to find a specific niche. Target an industry OR design niche you've expertise in - focus on that and that alone... Whether it's unlimited icon design / logo design / landing page design / design for plumbers / design for IH's whatever... be different, stand out and get your first couple of customers.

    After that, 1000 true fans is your target...

    From there, it will flow.

    Good luck!