May 15, 2018

Designers and Devs - I made a tool for you, need your feedback

Hi IH,

I am a frontend developer and for the past few months, I’ve been working on a web app to make it easier and faster for designers and developers to work with popular libraries like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material etc.

The app is called View Kit Studio and is meant to be common starting point for projects based on popular libraries for both designer and developers. The idea is to have one place where you can get both vector images and code for popular libraries and customize those assets in just a few clicks.

I have implemented a limited preview version of this core idea. You can check it out here. Would love to get some feedback from the community about

The core idea - Will this help with your workflow?

The current implementation - General feedback

Your wishlist for the its future direction. - What additional changes to the current implementation would make a difference to your workflow?

(Will have to sign in to see all features)

Thanks a bunch,


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    Would love something like this at runtime for web apps.

    Like a theming as a service. So I can offer white labeling to big companies who value that or run special promotions / holiday themes to change the theme of the site automatically.

    P.S. you have a typo on the page. "verion" should be "version"

    1. 1

      Interesting idea Harry :) Thanks for catching the typo. Appreciate it.

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    This is great, I was just talking the other day with someone about how I wanted but could not find a web app that would let me customize bootstrap 4 and see the changes live so I could tweak it until it was what I wanted.

    Does it output a sass/scss file for the bootstrap customization's so I can use it with my project, or does this only edit/produce the compiled css version?

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      Hey Ken, Thanks!

      The version you see has only compiled Css. But Sass will definitely be available in the full product when it is launched. You should be able grab what you need.

      I should add the caveat, that Sass will be available only if the original framework comes with Sass. Bootstrap does so it will have sass option.