November 7, 2018

Developers here, what do you think of Raises $29.5M From Global VCs To Help Companies Build Their Own Software

and what do you think of AI writing code in general?

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    I’m not convinced that they have any real technology since they don’t reveal any tech details. Most likely they are riding on the AI bandwagon and just another outsourcing agency.

    Edit: as far as AI writing code goes, I'm working on code generation in between human and AI, a bicycle for the mind if you will.

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    my first impression - regular outsourcing agency with a great marketing team.

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    Nowadays people throw money at anything that shows up in their front that has the "AI" in the name.

    I'm going to build and we can all have an AI to clean our...

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    The thing that I think about when I see stories that mention "AI" creating code is that Developers have created the AI code for Driving Cars and this is still far from perfect.

    Also surely the machine learning required will pick up the learning from previous developers, therefore needing developers to maintain the core "AI" code base and improve the machine learning. With processes like these it is just playing catch-up to a level that we are at now and as developers keep advancing to improve the AI then this would never be at the same level as a developer but a delayed level.

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      people said same thing about point and click website makers will never be as good as human designed websites. I know it's apples and oranges but still.

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    Automation like this is bound to hit most areas of our lives. This one concerns me a little bit but it's still probably further off than they make it sound.

    This is also a reason I want to own my side projects and turn them into my main source of income. I'm hoping people appreciate my hand crafted locally grown laptop to browser code :)

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      Handcrafted code may become hip soon :)

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    I think AI will mainly be used to enhance a developer's job rather than replace it.

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      I humbly disagree. This can be true for tangible automated machines like elevators, revolving doors etc., but not for aspects like coding etc.

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    Fake it until you make it. They might outsourcing for a longgg time before AI can write 90% of the code.

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    Her navbar is wonky.

    Slick as hell.

    Seems like nothing to do with AI at all.

    However, the core proposition - productising software build, but in component parts - is still appealing.

  9. 1 - I guess they will be like toptal. Just another outsourcing agency. Or maybe they will try to built something like WIX but for AI. You can built something very simple but if you need more - pay money and hire our team.

    Little note:

    If u are really interesting in AI Industry - search jobs on . - curated list of jobs and internships in AI Industry.

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      That escalated quickly.

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    If AI can write code already, what's going to happen all the Outsourcing companies in India?

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      might become data sourcing companies

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    I think it's too early to say anything, but if they manage to success it's going to hit hard some developers.