June 13, 2018

Do we need another disposable emails solution

Hi there. My name is Evgeny and at the moment I am in search of an idea for my side project. I wanted to ask the community about the need for another disposable emails system which IMO is very useful. There are few out there already https://mashtips.com/disposable-email-services/. If any you are using them please share your thoughts about improvements which could be made. Also I am not sure how widely these services are used - maybe it is not even an issue for most. Anyways, any information regarding the subject is appreciated.


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    My pain point:

    I'm a product designer. I generally use them to sign up for free trials when I'm benchmarking products. If my trial expires and I still need to benchmark I'll use a new temp email.

    However, I would still love to have access to my old email since I'll have likely signed up for other products and I'd like to be able to monitor their emails.

    So long story short -- I'd love to be able to toggle through a list of all of the temp emails I've ever created.

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    I think it would be nice to let users add their own domain names. That way it would be completely personalized. I am just not sure whether this entire idea is solving a real problem.

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      I think that would sort of defeat the purpose of disposable emails, you wouldn't want to give away your own email, by doing this on your own domain you risk doing just that. It might potentially also get your domain blocked from websites quickly.

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        what I mean by own domain is the following - user could create an arbitrary email like 'email1@mydomain.com' and use it to subscribe to some newsletter. This service should not be used for spamming or anything which potentially could block the domain.

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    The problem with many disposable email solutions is that their domains get blocked by a lot of companies quickly. There are even companies who do disposable email blocking as a service. You'd need to come up with a unique way of avoiding domain blacklisting which is quite difficult.

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    you might want to look at use case specific types of features. I've not looked at using them.

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    Not using something like this myself, so can't be of much help there.

    Anyway, if you could add your own twist you should try and do it. Maybe do a quick prototype where you have some unique value to users of products like yours and see how people react.