September 14, 2018

Do you sell services with your SaaS product?

I'm looking for examples of companies who have both a software product and services part of their business.

If anyone has any words of wisdom around this area, please share your war stories and opinions :)

Currently I'm having an internal battle of whether to continue offering a service or go full product.

Product has Traction but is nowhere near how much services bring in.

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    I can’t really help you, as I’m not making any money with the service side at the time, but Find Better Questions is something I’ll also try offering as a service.

    Something that I learnt while trying to sell the product is that most people aren’t really interested in the data my product provides, as they don’t know what exactly to do with it.

    So it’s important to create a product that does the job as well as a service. In the beginning that often doesn’t have to be a 100% self-service model.

    So my advice: If your service is going well and the product isn’t, ask your customers whether they’d use the product. Find out what people are struggling with when using it.

    Maybe it’s like with my product. People have to do more work themselves with the product version, which creates additional friction.

    If it has even more traction than the service, maybe you’re just asking for too little money?

    A bit more information in your question would be helpful.