September 13, 2018

Don't hide your product

I saw at least one post on here from a user I won't call out that went pretty out of their way to hide what they're working on. Yet they were seeking advice from people who would probably be interested in the solution. A missed opportunity :(

You may be looking at the other entrepreneurs here as competition, and that your a minnow swimming with sharks, and you may be right. But that is what being a business risk taker is all about.

Don't hide your product!

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    I posted my site / product on here a few months ago. Apparently users can flag or whatever your post as trying to sell your product or push your product. Then you will no longer be able to post / comment. Then I had my account deleted.

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      I think there is a difference between just spamming and having a conversation around your product. You always want to give something to the community, rather than just take.

      That said, there can definitely be (uncommon) reasons to "hide" your product. Showing it off to early can really have bad effects.

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      Yeah. I noticed this trend in a lot of communities. But IH is very forgiving. That's what I appreciate most about it. You can at least put the product in your profile.

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    I’ve been banned by some subreddits for posting about my product and have been warned on some others, so I keep a low profile and prefer to read and comment here rather than promote or ask for feedback.

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      I didn't even post about my product on Reddit. I simply used it to win karma and annoyingly got suspended site wide by an employee for 3 days. Now I'm afraid to post at all. I'm thinking this Russian hacking stuff is getting everyone paranoid.