February 23, 2018

Explain what your startup/side-project does in under 10 words

Hey IHs!

If you've built something or are currently working on something, explain what it is, in under 10 words ✌

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    In failory.com we interview failed startups!

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      this is actually a really good site. It would be great if u could summarize the main fail points people keep coming up with. Like the 10 commandments to failure. You may have enough content to write a book later. maybe call it "zero to nothing"

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        Oh, that is such a great idea! I have just noted it down :) Thank you very much.

    2. 2

      Sounds like the book Rework! Awesome idea!

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      What a great resource of informational content and interviews! Also, well done on the Webflow site 😀

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        Thanks for your kind words! I love Webflow. I don't understand anything of programming and I was able to create a website :0

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      Hey Rich :wave: I can't seem to download the pdf! I've tried a few times. Can you please help me out. Thanks!

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        I am sorry to hear that Hass! I have just sent you an email with the eBook. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Free no copyright music for use in Youtube videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anni-8FLx2I

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    A Simple API to schedule Email / SMS / Webhooks

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      Sweet domain name.

      1. 1

        Thanks :) It sounds simple but took a lot of time to name it.

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      Does it utilize some service like Amazon SES?

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        Yes, you can configure service ...

        for email we support : ses / mandrill / postmark / sendgrid / mailgun

        for sms we support : twilio / plivo

        configure any service , save templates and start scheduling ..

        templates can pick data from variables or any API available on web

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    XXXX connects companies && junior developers.

    (still deciding on a name)

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      Now that is something I'll join! But I'm a senior dev 😭

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      My brother would pay for this service.

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        Cool, any chance you could tell me a little about what he's working on in an email? (my email address is on my profile)

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    Send interactive sales recaps and proposals that actually win deals - www.recapped.io

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    • a marketplace for selling digital hiking guidebooks - enziano.com

    • professional ux reviews on demand to increase conversion and usability - uxstepbystep.com

    • WhatsApp MemoBot for notes and ideas sending weekly summaries - memobot.net

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      We should partner for your second projet :) Can you follow me on Twitter? (I couldn't load your profile n Indie Hackers)

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    Curated services for developers and designers: www.servicesfordd.com/

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    Create seamless pictures for Instagram - www.scrlapp.com

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      this is awesome 👍

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    Learn a language by playing real-life situations 🎒 https://backpacklanguage.com

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    Localedata.com helps you collaboratively translate your Rails projects.

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    Actionable investment ideas delivered to your inbox.

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      What is the newsletter?

      1. 1

        Three things:

        1. Research(charts and analysis) on stocks and ETFs.

        2. Investment recommendations for stocks and ETFs delivered via e-mail.

        3. Curated links and commentary on business and investing news.


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    Teaches you hundreds of Spanish words, ultra fast - www.lokas.co (iOS)

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      Are you planning to do it for other languages?

      1. 1

        Yes, but only if this one proves to make consistent money, and I reach a plateau in terms of revenue. I'm working evenings and weekends so I try to minimize complexity; adding a pair of language takes time and increases time spent on code maintenance, content creation and support.

        What language do you have in mind, if I may ask?

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    Html/css daily challenges for frontend developers.

    Already hosted it, waiting for the entepreneur registration for stripe :)

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    Showcase your projects and updates on work in progress - https://www.whatidonow.com/

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    Stop burnout. Meditation app for remote teams. distromonk.com

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    What a nice idea! To bring it even further, try to use even less words.

    10: Generate beautiful and user friendly landing pages without design skills.

    8: Quickly build beautiful landing pages without design skills.

    5: Quickly build beautiful landing pages.

    3: Generated landing pages.

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    Using acronyms to cheat:

    2FB is a more secure, convenient, and educational 2FA manager.

    2FA = two factor authentication

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    I'm working on a platform for startup and side-project updates published by founders/makers themselves, in under 80 words.

    No opinions. No analysis. Just pure updates ✌

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      i would use :)

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    Customized task management tool, the home of your data https://zenkit.com/

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    Buckets: beautiful, private, family budgeting www.budgetwithbuckets.com

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    Plummb ( www.plummb.com/home/index.html )

    Make your Java microservices resilient to intermittent outages!

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    Planimeter - app to do kinds of measurements on Google Maps https://goo.gl/S2MQK2

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    Knowledge Trybe (https://knowledgetrybe.com/) - A place to read and share intellectually stimulating articles.

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    https://en.learningpaths.academy the best learning paths created and ranked by the community

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    Product #1 - Bank robots

    Product #2 - Web scraper

    Product #3 - Data aggregator

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    Brandfountain.com Because Your Business Deserves An Amazing Domain!

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    http://lbld.it - weekly Spotify playlists to discover new music from different labels

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    http://appstore.com/contendr - iOS app create photo & video competitions with friends

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    https://wikitry.com micro travel guides for fast-paced travellers

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    Save call notes, find them during next call


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    Get list of movers and quotes for your moving needs - MoversQ.com

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    Project Board helps you find a co-hacker for your project.

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    Still in development :)

    staco, affordable & easy to use email marketing.

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    www.dronefinder.co.uk allows lost drones to be reunited with their owners

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    Automate finding ecommerce products to buy low and sell high

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    Picpipe - automate image optimization for web.

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      Nice idea. How is the project going?

      1. 1

        Goes pretty well. Mac version is alerady available, you can find it here picpipe.io

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    Find your next adventure. outsidelist.com

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    Add call-to-actions and retagerting pixels to your shortened url - https://linkgage.com

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    A portable computer that simplifies participating in a democracy. https://hackaday.io/project/21592-the-ark-democracys-favorite-device

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    Alias [www.aliasbot.com] - type less in Slack, and save more time.

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    https://pqina.nl/filepond is a fun and flexible JavaScript file upload plugin

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    At weardulo.com we make non-iron dress shirts from advanced fabrics.

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    i have built a small android app called sneakpad - it adds notes in your notifcation.

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    Create HTML email signatures in seconds - www.signmyemails.com

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      Useful service! But how to motivate the monthly subscription for a signature you maybe only download once?

      1. 1

        We offer image hosting for signatures and bigger teams can create signatures with same design for all of their team members and add/edit signatures any time.

        Free users can always create 1 signature for free.

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    Track any recipient interactions within any html email campaign

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    Deep work and task queues by applying pomodoro technique for Slack teams


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    DNS and CDN performance stats https://perfops.net/

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    Bring all observing activities and data of professional astronomers to the cloud.

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    www.sommarjobba.nu - Swedish site for adolescents to find summer jobs and create beautiful resumes.

    1. 2

      12 words even w.o. the URL :)

      "Help Swedish adolescents create resumes and find summer jobs"

      And now its 9 ;)

      1. 1

        That's better! :)

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    Cryptocurrency dashboard showing statistics from Google, Twitter and GitHub. - https://cryptoboard.tech

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    Curated tools and resources for makers! -https://startupcollections.com/

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    Frame, Ideate and Implement user-centered products - https://ideable.co

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    Great idea!

    Let's Make Your App Easier To Use - https://guideblocks.com

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    Rankfirst.me - Tracks your Amazon products search rank

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    Have your data in the cloud and work with them easily. www.proximadata.io

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    Monetize your free content/app without using ads or micro-transactions - seedanddew.com

    1. 4

      Intriguing. But it would be more descriptive if you say "Monetize your free content/app by using X" instead of saying what it is not using. How does it work?

      1. 2

        That's true. Its a subscription for a coalition of sites. The subscription revenue is distributed out to partner sites based on views and engagement. So essentially users are paying to not see ads or be tracked in a frictionless way.

        1. 2

          Cool! I think there are good opportunities for new revenue models for content, given the diminishing return on ads. So this is probably a good time to be in that niche. Also I really don't like the development with paywalls for each and every site. I don't mind paying for content, buy having a subscription for each site seems like to much too ask both in money and administration from the user. Good luck!

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    Save hours of work while "Setting up" a new Laravel project - https://laravelfactory.com/

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    Travel guide and journal app - https://www.travelopy.com/

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    Task management with Pomodoro timer for Solo Hacker - https://flowrabbit.com/

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    Makes me extremely frustrated and easily disillusioned

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    Web apps that make everyday life a little simpler. - https://notetoservices.com

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    Time tracking -- aligning what you plan with what you do.

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    105 React Native App Templates - https://bbbundle.co/

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    Screen sharing plugin for FaceTime


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    https://ropig.com/: more signal, less noise dev alerts

    1. 2

      The ':' after the url makes it 404 - maybe add a space?

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    Sell and accept payments online without coding or website building 💫

  68. 1

    Build lasting customer relationships with better tools for communication.

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    Not sure which resonates more for my upcoming SaaS, Enscope.io:

    • The first place to go when starting a new project.

    • Proven, guided framework for starting new projects.

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    Commonlounge has short, free, wiki tutorials on ML, UX, Growth, ...

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    Meetemu helps you exchange contact information by sending introduction e-mail

    Brilliant post idea @Adith !

    1. 1

      Cool idea and love the landing page as well.

    2. 1

      I love your landing page, btw!

      1. 1

        Thanks, buddy! Love to hear any feedback about the concept as well — You should definitely signup for beta tests, we are going to launch in 1,5month, so you will be able to see how the actual app looks like :)

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    I have neutralized offshore agent accents so they can speak accentfree!

    1. 1

      Via training or audio transformation?

      1. 1

        when agents in the Philippines speak on the phone to clients they sound american

        1. 1

          They "sound American" because, they (1) were trained in American accents, or (2) their voice is transformed in real time using software, or (3) something else?

          1. 1

            oh i see. (2) transformed in real time. A man can sound like a young american girl. Why? do you have an interest in this area. if so explain please. thx

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    Guestboard.co is a private forum for your wedding guests

    1. 1

      I had a look at your site. Is it a mobile app or how does it work?

  74. 1
  75. 1

    Manypixels: Unlimited high quality design services for startups from $159/month (https://www.manypixels.co)

    1. 1

      This offer sounds almost too good to be true. What is the catch? What are your delivery times?

    2. 1

      tried this service, still waiting...so far not impressed

      1. 1

        Hey! We only start the clock of your subscription when we start the first task. Will get back to you today!

      2. 1

        How long have you been waiting? I just signed up - is it worth waiting?

        1. 1

          Hey Alex! We launched on Product Hunt last week which led to some delays in us replying to new customers. If you signed up today we will get back to you via email today and start your task tomorrow (as well as your clock for the month)

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    http://www.nwzer.com is like reddit, twitter and wikipedia had a baby.