May 16, 2018

Feedback on a Kickstarter?

Hey there, I'm new here, but I'm hoping this crew can give me some feedback. I just launched my first project on Kickstarter and I've had a good response from friends and family. But ... they are kinda required to give me good feedback or I won't cook them dinner anymore.

So - since I'm a stranger to you all, would you mind taking a look at the campaign and giving me some honest opinions on what we could be doing better?

My Project - RaceYa - is a hackable rc car that helps get kids excited about science and engineering.

Many many many thanks!


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    I think the Kickstarter it's more than fine. It clearly explains what you're offering, how it works (great visuals!) and to whom.

    Maybe you need to tweak your tiers so you have a 5-10 usd tier for supporters who can't / won't spend 25 usd?

    1. 1

      Thanks! I went back and forth about items at the lower tiers (some folks are violently opposed, some violently in favor).

      What sort of reward would you think people would feel happy with at that level? (That's not T-shirts since I hear those are a logistical nightmare!)

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        Im not a kickstarter expert but I did some research on the topic of rewards and even Kickstarter says that a 1 USD tier might be relevant. Check out their reward tips.

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          Cheers! It's super nice of you to take the time!