October 10, 2018

Feedback on my first ruby on rails app

Hi everyone! About a year ago I built my first (and only) web app - an online gratitude journal (gratitudepal.com). I kind of neglected the app for the past 6 months, but want to start working on it again. Before I do a bigger marketing campaign to get users, I was hoping to get your feedback on anything I can do to improve it.

One cool feature in the app is for every entry you make, you get to see an anonymous user's gratitude. Right now I'm pretty much the only user so it would be cool to have more people on the app to get inspired by each other's gratitude posts :) Thanks in advance!

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    Very nice, this is very well thought out.

    You've taken the most basic CRUD pattern, and built something quite elegant and useful on top of it.

    This beats the simple to-do type app, and shows how far a little thought goes. I can't wait to see what you cook up next. Bravo!

    Meanwhile, others would still be struggling to wrap their head around reducers in redux: this illustrates how it's always about the craftsman, never the tools.

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      Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate that! :)

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    Great idea! Gratitudes work.

    Just tried it out and liked reading a random gratitude from someone else.

    Since we're both in the habit building space, we should chat and trade notes / learnings. Happy to share anything I've learned in the journey so far that might help you on your project.

    Email me and we can chat (jonathan@tribefive.me).



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      Awesome, thanks Jonathan! Would love to chat, will send you an email

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    Love that when I submit a post I get to see someone else's entry - will definitely encourage me to keep posting! Awesome job!!

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      Thanks Matt!

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    Good job! 👏 You definitely have to launch the app!

    I want put your attention on some small bugs:

    The ‘Search this journal’ input sticks up to the ‘evening journal button’

    When you switch between modes - morning and evening - margin above ‘morning journal’ increases.

    Also, from my point of view, nested menu with second burger button makes UI cluttering.

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      awesome thanks for the design feedback, I'll try to update those issues!

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    I like the idea behind this @sethk. Are you sharing the source code anywhere?

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      thanks! It's not shared anywhere right now but I could look into doing that in the future

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    Hi Seth . I made my first entry. This will be a cool ios app

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      Thanks! I agree it would be awesome as an ios app, now I need to learn how to build one :)