December 6, 2018

Feedback on my ReactJS Dashboard


Some feedback on the design of would be appreciated.


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    Im not sure I have very much feedback, however, I think that it looks great. There is one thing that I noticed immediately, there is a lot going on. There were, literally, a lot of moving parts.

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    Nice idea, but the demo is a bit overwhelming with so much going on. Maybe split up the pages a but further?

    How have sales been going? I'm working on a product ( that has some synergies with yours and there may be an opportunity to help each other.

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    I like it, better than a lot of React Dashboards I've seen out there.

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    I would def buy if price maybe 60% of it is. It’s a good product competitively but horrible pricing competitively

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      Here is a 50% discount coupon: launchparty50

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        Hey auidev,

        I just wanted to confirm the. questions above before buying?


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        How are the files structured? Any way to use the components in react as well as react-native?

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        Thanks! I will purchase it when I get home. Looks good.

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    In my humble opinion, this is way too complicated. Many things on the same page.

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    Way too many elements in the top bar – including two! hamburger menus.

    This looks good but frankly not that different from the many other ReactJS administrative dashboards. What differentiates yours from the many others ( besides being roughly 500% the cost of the others ($129 for yours vs. $20-30 for most others)?

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    The URL lets me see your Index of / with a list of files / etc. I had to click into one of the folders to see the demo.

    The demo looks nice. As mentioned, there are a lot of moving parts. I'd suggest the ability to turn off live data so that it's not constantly trying to grab attention all over the screen.

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    I think it looks awesome!

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    I would agree with @makr that there is a lot going on. Maybe look at using less colors stick to one or two accent colors not 5+

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      Agree, but being a demo, it needs to show off as many features as possible.