January 11, 2019

Finally launching ... Basic landing page for a consultancy service

Hi fellow indie-hackers,

I finally made my first step toward my goal. It's a very small step indeed but at least I did it \o/


HashDev as in HashTag ;-)

I'm planning to launch a full remote development consultancy service specialized in the reactive stack (Scala, Akka, Play, etc.) and big data technologies (Spark, Kafka, etc.).

So, for now, I just published a simple landing page to get as much developers' emails as possible. For that, I'm curating with the help of some fellow senior developers a weekly newsletter aimed towards the developers' community. Later on, I will keep the newsletter but I will add a dashboard to manage developers' "missions" with their clients.

It helped me in signing a 6-months contract with an insurance company in Paris that we can extend to 6 years! I hope I will get to meet more clients and more developers with this newsletter.

Let me know what you think of this idea, the landing page, and of course, don't forget to join us on HashDev ;-)



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    How do you use the emails exactly?

    What data are you looking for to find new clients?

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      For now I just cold call, but with the help of this newsletter a growing community of developers and managers will emerge, and different kind of connections and interactions can be made. I don't know exactly how at the moment, I don't have a clear plan on how to find new clients with this newsletter, I'm more focused on the growing the user base at tho moment.

      Thank you @Philipp :)

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        I see.

        I'm currently developing a job board and company list for Berlin's tech world. I wondered if the company list (https://berlin.careerin.tech/companies) is e.g. of value for consultancy services like yours or for other indiehackers, founders etc. What are the features you are actually looking for? Name, address, mail contacts, telephone numbers, ...?

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    Congrats on launching!! Can you explain what mean by missions? Seems very interesting.

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      Thank you! :)

      A mission is a demand from a client. It can be a fix in their website or a big data cluster to install. It can be anything but it should be very clear in terms of specs, delay, and daily rates.

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    I have NoScript enabled. A lot of websites don't even load with it. +1 for the main area showing up without having to enable JS.

    The left panel is simple and clean ! The text is compact and conveys the purpose clearly. But you might want to provide at least few samples to encourage more people to signup. For instance, is this for front end developers, or backend developers ? Would this work for DBAs ? Is this only email, or would there be online forums too ?

    I found the animation to be too blurry and distracting.

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      Indeed I will archive the previous mails on the website for readers to know what kind of content they will get.

      And I will also modify the page to remove the video and give more details on what to expect from the newsletter.

      Thanks a lot @bims for your feedback :)

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    I like the page, and I think it's an elegant use of particles.js!

    The only thing I feel that is missing is the incentive to sign up. I think there should be a clear incentive, or a clear explanation of the value it brings for the user. The current paragraph seems a bit generic.

    One other thing I noticed is the screen in the background wiggling side to side, which causes me a bit of motion sickness. But the animations happening on it are great. I would just fix the wiggly part.

    That's my two cents, I hope it helps!

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      Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, the video is a bit odd. I just wanted to make a simple yet appealing page, but it's clear that a lot of information is missing.

      I will explain a bit more what to expect from the newsletter along with the previous issues archived.

      Thanks @andreigaspar :)

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        Sure thing sir, keep up the good work!

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    Oh, and what do you think of the name? HashDev or #dev

    I thought it's funny and catchy at the same time, but maybe that's just me. I'm interested to read your feedbacks.