October 10, 2018

First Unassisted Sale!

Wow, this is a long time coming. I've been independent for ~8yrs and have made a comfortable living (while supportting a family of 6!) just fine, but its always been with a heavy service solution. I have software that I sell on recurring basis, but it always required long sales process and custom implementation to get it up and going. I've launched standalone software products in the past and although would get interest, I could never get anyone to purchase. Well, today that finally changed!

I received a text (via a zapier integration) this morning that someone I've never spoken or emailed with had purchased my product. It feels pretty good and something I've worked for for a long time.

She found me from my post on airtable forums highlighting my zapier connector for airtable: https://community.airtable.com/t/custom-connector-for-zapier/18073

(product found here: https://openside.com/product/airtable-on-zapier/ )

Just thought I'd share with my fellow indies. I still have a long way to go but feels good to finally be able to sell a standalone software product. For similar people to me, just keep pushing forward and be patient.

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    This sounds cool, nice job. Can I work with you on an integration for your integration? Sharing tech.

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      Thanks. Not sure what you're proposing. Feel free to ping me with more details (email in my bio).

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    Congrats on getting the first sale, Dan!

    Now, it's time to talk to more users and find new customers who would get value out of your product =)

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      thanks Jonathan! looking forward to that goal...