July 11, 2018

Free logo design for your startup!

At Layerdraft we design and build beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

We love Indie Hackers and it’s been and amazing resource for us. So we’d like to offer an awesome logo for a startup you are working on for free.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Pitch your startup in the comments and add a URL to your website if you have one.

  2. The most upvoted project, 48hours from posting this, wins the free logo design service.

  3. Make sure we can contact you by having an email address on your website or your profile

There will be 1 winner only so please also upvote the amazing submissions so we can pick a winner!

Also, be sure to check us out!


Thanks! :)


It’s now time to announce the winner of the free logo!!

Congratulations to Philip Alexander From LinkMink! We will send you an email and logo with all the source files and SVG goodness.

For those that didn’t get a free logo this time or folks that are looking for logo/branding, we are offering 50% off logo design services from now until Aug 1st 2018. Just contact us on Layerdraft.com and mention Indie Hacker in the email.

Thanks again to all the amazing submissions. It’s so awesome to see all these awesome startups being created.

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    Thanks for contributing to the community!

    Working on LinkMink https://linkmink.com. We help SaaS companies grow revenue by sharing it. You sign up affiliates, they promote your product and get paid based on the revenue they drive. All designed for SaaS companies who use Stripe.

    Morgan Freeman's Voice "LinkMink, the easiest way for SaaS companies to share revenue online."

    Philip (philip@linkmink.com)

    1. 3

      This is such a great util, look forward to seeing the pricing you come up with.

      1. 1

        Hey @lesiki - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Currently our beta customers are paying a flat $99/m. However we'd like to move to a percentage model of some kind in the future...maybe 1% of referred revenue.

        1. 1

          I imagine people respond differently to variable vs fixed price. I personally prefer a flat rate, but at the same time anyone using your product for affiliate marketing clearly embraces "growing by sharing" so I can see the logic in going for the switch.

          1. 1

            Yeah if we go the variable route we'll have caps of some kind. Otherwise it could get real spendy. Send me an email if you want to talk about this more.

    2. 2

      I'm a happy customer! Great product and Phil is a great guy, (well deserving of this fine prize)

      1. 1

        Haha thanks Marcel - It's good to see you on here.

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    I am in the process of building a web app that helps you back up your YouTube playlists so that you don't end up with this.


    Thank you for this great offer!

    If people are interested in this app please leave a reply and I will keep you posted by following up.

    1. 1

      Hah! Had this happen so many times to me. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Thank you! Hoping to help everyone with this issue!

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    Thanks, this is so kind of you.

    I'm working on Tribe of Five (www.tribefive.me) and it's an accountability app for entrepreneurs to work together to build better habits!


    Jonathan (jonathan@tribefive.me)

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    Im just here to say that your page looks BEAUTIFUL!, may i ask what technologies did you use to build it? Also how much traffic do you have? Thanks!

    1. 2

      Thanks so much! The current site is built with a combination of PHP, javascript, HTML, and CSS. Looking to change things to React JS for future updates. Not much traffic so far. Site is still pretty new so getting on average about 800-1000 pageviews per week.

      1. 1

        Wow, just the stack i know, if you ever need help please contact me, i would love to be behind a web with real traffic! Never managed to do one with traffic :(

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    This is a great idea. Kudos for doing it, @layerdraft team. I don't have a project to show off right now, but may make a similar offer from our software dev agency! Will be looking forward to seeing the results.

  6. 2

    Your logo is just one square away from being Buffers - which has been around for a while.

    Your prices would actually scare me away if I was looking for a design service. You would charge over a thousand dollars for a landing page? App development based on a two screen/three screen price bracket seems so incredibly high(obviously for fleshed out apps - its rare to have an app that is two screens to justify the price.

    I do agree that your work all does look amazing and the website is pretty great, the flow feels awesome. I am excited to see what comes out of these free logos! Are you posting them here?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback Casey! Yeah we hear you, pricing is one of the most difficult parts. Especially with so much competition offering lower rates. The difference at Layerdraft is we will custom create everything from scratch while providing revisions along the way. We also don't use any website builders or templates for projects.

      So for example, if we look at our Website Design & Code package, the project would likely take 2 - 3 weeks to complete and anywhere from 40 - 50 hours to complete. That's about $58 - $73/hour which is typically what professional designer would cost. We have the added benefit of coding the site as well.

      Of course there's many other companies out there who offer much lower rates but we find in this industry you really get what you pay for.

      For the free logo, there will be one winner selected and we'll definitely post it here or on the site's portfolio page if the winner approves.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the breakdown - having custom work is worth that extra bit.

        Are your designers and developers in-house? Do you outsource for larger projects? Your model is very cool, as it covers so much.

        I hope to see an awesome logo come out of the competition!

        1. 1

          Thanks! Yup, our team is all in house currently but may reach out or expand for bigger projects if needed in the future.

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    My product is called "KEEP YOUR SHIT PRIVATE" and it's a temporary email web site which gives you a fake / temporary email address you can use to register to sites and services you don't trust.

    1. 1

      This is such a good idea but what’s the difference between just getting a second email you only use for potential untrustworthy services?

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    Hey, thanks for giving back. I'll play the game too 👨🏻‍💻

    Hip-hop and R&B are still growing immensely as a genre and a culture. Yet, we noticed that there wasn't a dedicated place where Hip-hop and R&B artists could learn and grow together. Enter Urban Masterclass 🎉

    We (me and 1 co-founder) just launched Zero to Radio Ready. An in-depth masterclass that helps artists take their music from mediocre to great. It starts with songwriting, all the way up to recording and mixing their own songs.

    I guess our logo is an okay starting point, but it could be so much more than that. Right now, I feel it doesn't completely portray our core values.

    Link to our current logo

    Let me know if you have questions. Thanks! 👋

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    Beautiful website mate! And its great that you're giving back to the community! Would this be open to a personal project?

    I'm looking to build a landing page for a community project. It's just like what Uber does, from A to B, but this is for leftover food to reach to those in need. I have the deck ready. Would be great if you could help with the logo!

    PS: No prior knowledge.

    Thanks once again & good luck :)

    1. 1

      I don’t know if they have it in your country but check out Olio!

      1. 1

        Thaaaaaanks a ton this is exactly! Not available here though!


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    Fastbmk.com - Bookmarks manager - Fast, lightweight and reliable.


    1. 1

      Hi, out of coriousity, how do you make money?

      becuase it says it is free, no ads, no data collection.

      1. 1

        The answer is in the FAQ ;)

        1. 1

          hmm then it is misleading. there is no wording about beta phase on homepage. it only says "free".

          1. 1

            Yes, now it says 'free' because now it's free. Pretty logical :)

            1. 1

              then why don't you tell about the beta phase as well? because now it is in beta phase? mr. "pretty logical"

              1. 1

                Because it's not important, that's why :) Lets end this pointless discussion :)

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    Very appreciated your help and kind:) !

    StartupBox - Curated digital tool / resources for non-tech founder & business owner (mostly in Chinese). gostartupbox.com

    I’m from Taiwan and I was work as product manager assistant, love surffing on sites like ProductHunt, IH etc... but I found there’s no place such like these two sites could help startup founder to launch their product / service then gain first hand feedback from potential users. it might be help, so I decide to start from simple thing- curated product manually. I’m not sure whether should I build another one like ProductHunt site, but I’ll still try to connect makers in Taiwan to see what’s the feedback going on.

    Thanks for your time and work :)



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    I'm working on a platform to teach anyone to code by building projects -- Enlight (https://enlight.nyc).

    Thanks for doing this!

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    Amazing, we are working on a chat bot building platform for non coders. www.botkraft.com

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    What a great offer :)

    www.coHounder.com is a co-founder finding service—designed to be simple like a job board, but for finding a co-founder.

  15. 1

    This is exciting! I'm creating https://www.javaforrailsdevelopers.com/ and could definitely use a logo.

  16. 1

    Layerdraft looks solid. Good work.

    I am building a place to discover free online courses. https://www.quickcode.co

    Looking forward to your input for making it beautiful.

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    I'm trying to make job hunting easier with Job Buddy. You can track all the job offers you find on the web in a single dashboard instead of using spreadsheets or similar stuff.

    Moreover, there is a launcher page with the most famous job boards and aggregators that you can access to find your next career opportunity :D

    Job Buddy

  18. 1

    I am building an all-in-one conference management platform. From planning to event registration to an event app. https://filiosoft.com

  19. 1

    I’m building a product that will hopefully turn into a startup. github.com/ivanceras/diwata - its a user-friendly database interface. The name diwata just translate to enchantress.


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    Hey your website looks beautiful!

    We are a crypto currency provider for Canadians launching in August.


    You can reach me at nick@coinsave.io

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    Hey, that's pretty cool!

    I am running remoteml.com. We started out as a simple niche job board for Remote Machine Learning but grew into an amazing community of meanwhile over 400 ML Engineers.

    That's why I'm planning to rebrand and rebuild the site from the ground up next month. So it's time for a new logo!

    Contact me at support@remoteml.com

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    So kind of you offer such free service.

    I hope logo also means "app icon" :)

    We have 2 products in the market.

    1. https://jstock.co - A stock market Android app. It is generating revenue. Hence, we have $ to hire icon designer, to design the app icon for us

    2. https://wenote.jstock.co - A note taking Android app. It is not generating any revenue yet. We just pick a free app icon. However, we hope to have a better app icon, to proper reflect the product brand.


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    Hey @layerdraft, my baby emailstartups.com is a directory for email focused startups. You can search email marketing softwares, newsletter plarforms or email clients. I beleive in power of email and i hope my curation works for all. ;)

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    Very kind of you to offer this :) Your landing page looks incredible! Out of curiosity, where are you based and how long have you been around?

    I run Textbelt, an outgoing SMS API. We're open source but also offer a paid service. We've helped thousands of users (ranging from hobbyists to hospitals) send SMS and mobile verification messages.

    We have a very simple aesthetic, but could definitely use a proper logo to start developing our brand a bit more.

    1. 2

      Thanks! We’re based out of Canada. We’ve been around for about a year now.

  25. 1

    I'm a year and an half into building Visualbonus and I'm still without a logo. I'm bootstrapping from my own savings so I have an excuse :)

    Landing Page: www.visualbonus.com

    Email: philip [at] visualbonus [dot] com

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    Sure, I’ll play the game (would love to see what you come up with!)

    Cryptosheets is the world’s first live, real-time updating cryptocurrency add-in for Excel. We are days away from being featured on Appsource, the official Microsoft store.

    Https://cryptosheets.com for our landing page, https://cryptosheets.com/home for our super secret post-launch website.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.