January 11, 2019

Friday Edition: Daily Stand Up!



That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of January.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.


04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.

05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!

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    By the end of the month

    • Get the Windows version of Vimalin 2.0 released


    • Finally got Prestashop to obey the European EU VAT rules for companies by locating a fix on github that is not yet publicly merged in the vat module. So now the webshop is back to how it was before the upgrade.


    • Day job I'm afraid
    1. 2

      Yeah. My day gig is about to kick up into the highest gear for the next 3 - 5 months. It'll take oodles of discipline and late nights, to keep Happy Endings afloat!

      1. 2

        It is problematic for sure. Stepped out of the Vimalin daily updates for a month due to various reasons and now have problems getting back into the daily rhythm. I know from the past that I will get there, but it is not always easy. Every day a small update is fine.

        1. 1

          I have the same practice! Any time I notice that nothing from my todo list is cutting checked, I pare it way back to the simplest, smallest task!

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    By end of January (from Clubhouse.io report)

    • App MVP1 increased from 65% to 74% complete, was reduced from 60 to 58 Stories, and 4 Stories were finished.

    • SaaS MVP1 increased from 11% to 25% complete, was reduced from 34 to 28 Stories, and 3 Stories were finished.


    • Fixed nasty iOS UI ScrollView display bug which cost me 3 hours of dev time, by unchecking a 24-bit depth stencil checkbox in Unity

    • Moved some stories out of the Epic, added new ones. MVP is MVP!

    • Started messing with the SaaS framework, creating some repeatable paths to get data onto the pages (and into js scripts)


    • Go for 7 hour drive, use my app!


    https://youtu.be/TrkVEJOi9gI (New for 1/10/2019, shows Easy Actions and Bookmarks)

    1. 1

      Where did you drive to?

      1. 1

        Twice week I round trip from Central NH to Southern MA, gives me lots of thinking time :)

    2. 1

      @Davey are you developing a podcast app? If so, what problem or challenge got you excited to fix w/ your solution?

      1. 1

        Yep! An app for listeners and a SaaS platform for hosts. Basically, solving the pains shown by a 2-3hour commute each way...hundreds of hours listening to podcasts over the last few years. While driving, I have no good way of retaining gold nuggets I hear, no way to act on the calls to action from hosts, guests, or sponsors, no way to interact with the host, and disjointed communities around each show. The whole experience could be so much better, and while we have FB Live and Twitch and forums and comments and likes for all other kinds of content, nothing for podcasts (or audiobooks). Super huge travesty affecting 37M+ people on a monthly basis.

        On the other side (podcaster side), creating new discrete metrics to measure engagement, increase value to the listener, monetize, and grow audience, cultivating super fans.

    3. 1

      I really enjoy building a tool that I is useful to me too. Hope you enjoy using your tool too!

      Do you have a written specification of your MVP? I keep adding features to my product but I think it's a MVP already.

      1. 1

        I just have my high level Epics for MVP and a ton of user stories in them. I should have written a goal ahead of time so I can filter stories better before tossing them in the bucket, but I find I’m re-evaluating what’s minimal all the time :)

        1. 1

          Nice, I'm not the only one :)

          I'm totally not used to writing user stories. Do you think it's worth giving this a try? Right now I'm quite happy with my TODO list...

          1. 1

            They can get complicated, but mine are just like task groupings: Create UI for show Tipping or something simple hehe.

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    By end of January:

    • 100 first chapters published. 68 published to date.

    • 50 qualitative chapters published. (Will provide update after I finish pruning.)


    • ✓ Work on landing page (new partnership).

    • ✓ Commission new illustrations (new partnership).

    • ✓ Work on newsletter image and copy (new partnership).


    • Fix busted ship.

    • Provide comments to illustrator (new partnership).

    • Finish copy for newsletter (new partnership).

    • Work on landing page (new niche).

    KUDOS: Pending others joining the party!

    WORK IN PROGRESS: Happy Endings

    1. 2

      @Harlem, curious how do you come up w/ content consistently for your newsletter?

      1. 2

        Actually, this is content for a new partner's newsletter. For my own, I only send two a month. One is for features (either how to use existing features or to showcase new updates) and the other is either dating advice or the philosophy behind all the quirks of/choices I made for the site.

        Do you send a newsletter?

        1. 1

          Gotcha. No, I don't do monthly newsletters but I do update my professional network my progress quarterly or semi-annually depending on how crazy my life is, smh.

    2. 2

      Good luck fixing the ship, ye landlubber!

      1. 1

        (Laughing!) It was a shit show. I had a major meeting at my main gig to prep for, so it was more of a bandaid than fix, but the ship isn't sinking!

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    • First 5 active beta customers.


    • Document current fulfillment process

    • Follow up w/ customer


    • Transcribe 2 customer dev audio/videos.



    1. 1

      What are customer dev audio/videos? And what's the value of transcribing 'em? (The latter might be understood once I know what the former is!)

      1. 2

        It's "customer development" audio/video aka customer interviews. I record conversations so I can stay present w/ the potential customer.

        1. 2

          Ah! Got it! Value understood!

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    Get somebody to post at least one job on https://careerin.tech by the end of January.


    • <open standup page from yesterday> ;)


    • added a few images to the twitter account and twitter card

    • automated my regular tweets

    • links to jobs and company websites open in a new tab

    • got some feedback on the product from a city slack I joined

    • connected somebody to the internet via our community mesh network

    1. 2

      Hey, @Philipp are you charging to post jobs on your board? I'm assuming your customers are B2B (employers) - what do they normally pay to post their jobs on other boards?