January 11, 2019

From Frustration to Saas, How I Turned a Tough Task into a Business

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    IMO opinion it feels like your pricing is low. I ran IT for a small car dealership and think we would easily have spent the $20/mo for asset tracking even though only needing the $5 plan.

    For the enterprise tier I would think you could charge $100/mo or even variable (say $100/mo per each 10,000 assets).

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      I think you're probably right. This is something we've been thinking a lot about lately. However, we like to position ourselves as being the most inexpensive, so I'm grappling with how to position ourselves if we increase our pricing. In fact.. I always keep an eye on our competitors and they have greatly increased their pricing too! So I sometimes think anyone who is comparing us to a competitor might be price shopping and go with us. In the end I think we will increase... Thank you for your comment!

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    I don't know your market very well, but your pricing seems way too low. I wouldn't be surprised if you could add a zero to all of them and get rid of the free plan.

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      You're right, it's something we've been thinking about and how to position ourselves once we do. As of now, we like to label ourselves as the most inexpensive platform ... which we are.

      Thank you for your comment scopendo

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    Wow! This title would suit my product BearTax for sure! Hope you don't mind reusing it when I am done putting down my experience onto an article. Thanks

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    "We use Stripe for our payments and, along with hosting fees and Google Keyword Planner, it’s our only overhead." Google Keyword Planner is not free?

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      You're right it is free. Meant to say the search Google Keyword terms we bid on. thx!

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        You're welcome! Keeping your cost low and having quite a lot of visitors to your landing page. Congratulations!

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    I kinda regret not doing this myself :(

    I worked in an IT team for 3 years, and asset tracking was a continuous problem. The company had 7 global offices, with procurement and assignment being a constant, every-other-day issue.

    We went through lots of lower-priced solutions (SysAid, Spiceworks, good old Excel, custom Sharepoint lists) but none of them had the combination of ease-of-use, issue reporting, asset registration and cost tracking we needed. So in the end we built an internal CMDB for this exact reason, and it definitely would have panned out if I got to focus on it as a product.

    Ah well, water under the bridge :)

    Congratulations on your success @mcas - I know first-hand what a pain IT asset management is, and you definitely deserve the win.

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      Hi Wogan May, Thank you. It is nice to hear validation for a project. I hear these types of frustrations with asset management frequently, and seems like we're bringing something useful to the table. I think what makes a great entrepreneur is to solve problems, and there's defiantly a lot more problems out there left to solve. Thanks again!

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    Interesting read, thanks. Good luck in 2019!

    Also have the feeling that you should increase prices.

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      Thank you! We love building this product because the features never stop (which is a good thing)... I would have never thought building fixed asset management software could be interesting. And yes, we will be increasing our pricing too. Thanks again~

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    Great story! I remember the nightmare of asset tracking in my web hosting days, and find it super cool that you were able to grow that product so many years later!

    I love Vue as well for the simplicity. And the marketing tips don't hurt either 😃

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      Hi Andrew!

      Thank you so much, yes - asset tracking can be so painful. But what's been so cool is actually seeing just how many different customers and use cases we've had. The feedback we get is so positive that I think we're really helping those who need to do asset tracking. Sometimes, I think we're actually making it kinda fun by implementing our user portal and all these other features.

      I really love Vue.JS too and advocate for it a lot. I could use some more tips on marketing myself; always looking to learn. Thank you for your comments!

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    Why you are not hiring any VA to do the outreach?

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      Hi bparanj - I am not familiar with VA for outreach? What is that? I would be interested. Thanks!

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        I meant hire a Virtual Assistant to outsource those tasks.

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          Interesting, I've not thought of doing that. I will have to look into it. Thank you for the suggestion