February 11, 2019

From Problem to Product: Developing a Tool to Help our Business Thrive

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    My 2 cents:

    • there is a lot of "maybe" on why some customers register and never come back, do you try to reach them and ask why ?

    • I know some companies that uses Qlick as "dashboard" : no external dependencies, run on desktop, easy to setup

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      Hi Vokail,

      Thanks for giving us your feedback.

      On the first point, we tried a couple of approaches to try and insight to that like sending out a short survey and proposing for a quick call/chat.

      Regarding Qlik, it was actually a company we hadn't come by yet. They seem to have a very powerful suit of products. Qlik Sense somehow relates to what we have but with different proposes. It seems more like "corporative" analytical tool whereas Statful positions it self more on low-level metric monitoring.