December 6, 2018

Gain insights & Watch a developer creating viable products

Hi there IH people!

I've finally setup my website correctly for I'm going to post, write, talk and record everything I've learned about stuff like early validation, product marketing fit, building mvp's, product development in the past 5 years of focussed content consuming, talking and interacting with startups and other creators. My focus group is the somewhat more green people (developers, (product)managers, ordinary people with an idea) that want to build stuff that provides value and get it shipped.

I'm also "eating my own dogfood" by posting #tagalong content on SM and on the website; i'll be transparent about what I'm doing how and why I'm doing it and what its effect is.

Time to get my game on and make more people enthousiastic for product development, and actually show them how a sideproject adventure might / might not work out.

I invite you guys to interact while my content grows, shoot at my visions and help to cut the BS from the real deal :).. I'm not gonna pull the "this is how to do it" grab n bag.. I want to talk the why behind certain approaches (think early validation) and what makers can use to get their product providing real value to their targeted market

I'll stop flooding now 😅 Just hope you'll keep tabs on and spread some fairy dust around if you like the idea ✌🏻