December 2, 2018

Get feedback on your landing page from an expert

A while back I had Julian Shapiro on the IH podcast. He's the founder of Bell Curve growth training and author of the Growth Guide, which includes the excellent Landing Page Guide.

He's graciously agreed to jump into the new #landing-page-feedback hashtag for a few hours next week (probably Monday) and provide some free, high-quality feedback to some of the posts he finds there.

👉 Post your landing page here if you're interested! 👈

For the curious, this is a test of something I might be doing a lot of coming up — bringing on as many experts as possible to give you all some free advice and feedback. It's also a test of the new post UI I'm experimenting with, which will likely replace the existing forum thread format. (The main difference is posts don't require a title, and in aggregate they look more like a feed than a forum.)

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

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    I am little worried how the new design will look. The beauty of IH is it's simplicity. I agree that some of the posts are irrelevant and going off topic. For those I wish there is some type of categorization. IH members are soo active I think you can even give a level of categorization option to members, what I mean is members can suggest or vote a post in particular category. This way if there is a post which most IH members voted/categorized it will be on the top of that category list(not ordered by date).

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    And this is why I love IH

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    Great idea! High quality feedback is often so hard to come by in the world of web.

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    @csallen, great initiative!

    Since you mention the post ui, I'm currently really confused about the difference between posts and discussions and their different ux. Especially when using hashtag search. So looking forward to seeing a unified model there.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Currently they're two completely separate silos. In the near future I'll likely get rid of discussion threads and only have the tweet-like posts.

      Since posts don't have titles, a side effect of this switch will be that the homepage aka the "Top" view will change to look more like a feed and less like a forum.

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        I personally prefer the forum look, because this is also how think about IH and use it; I check for interesting discussions.

        In any case I would use either posts or discussions, I just noticed I missed your post on 'what would you do to make the front-page better' because it was a post and not a discussion. And when I click 'post' I create a discussion, and not a post.

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          +1 @csallen I personally prefer the forum approach as well. It makes things easier to lookup and I can decide whether I want to spend time on a thread by just looking at the title. Is there a reason a Twitter-style post approach is a better UX than forums?

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            I expect there to be a lot of pushback when/if I change the homepage to be feed-like, just like there was lots of pushback against the last 3 times I changed the homepage. Not much I can do about resistance to change, except try to make the changes good. 😇

            So why do I think this change is good? Because there are numerous advantages feeds have over forums:

            • Feeds are easier to skim. You simply scroll. You don't have to constantly click into and out of things.

            • Feeds also increase the amount of content that gets read, since you're briefly skimming each and every post's body. On a forum, a surprisingly small number of threads get all the views.

            • The feed format is capable of displaying pretty much anything, not just things with titles, so I can inject lots of items from elsewhere on Indie Hackers. That'll make the homepage a great place to browse IH as a whole and discover what's going on, not just discussions.

            • Feeds are easier to use overall. Most people on Earth know how to use feeds. Forums are actually quite rare by comparison. More people than you would guess are turned off or confused by the forum UI.

            • I need a feed format to support title-less posts, which have their own advantages. For example…

            • The post format encourages people to keep things concise, and to put the interesting bits near the beginning.

            • Posts are easier to write than threads, so more people will write them.

            • Since posts don't have titles, they rely less on copywriting skills and more on the quality of the actual content. Which is great, because most people (indie hackers included) are bad at copywriting, and it's a shame to see so many good threads get ignored because of bad titles.

            (cc @Reinder)

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              Thanks for sharing this, you should definitely move in the direction that matches your vision.

              Until yesterday, when I started to follow you based on this discussion, I was completely unaware of all the posts that are on IH, I completely missed this part of IH because I did not see any posts from my starting page. From this perspective I think that it is important to unify posts and discussions.

              Then, when I personally think of content in IH, I think about the discussions as its value first (similar to reddit, HN etc), not the people that I like to follow first (similar to twitter, facebook etc).

              When you move to the feed. I would be very interested in also following hastags, not people specifically. For me it is content first. I also think this allows new joiners on IH to be heard, people without a following and therefore any audience that will respond to their questions.

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    Great initiative @csallen. I did same initiative on software architecture here @ IH sometimes ago. Getting the feedback I got from people (~20 chats) on that project I saw a need for a platform that will offer professional feedback on your apps (not just landing) and, I'm happy to share that on coming week we're releasing - A place where you can get professional feedback on your products (think like your extended team that think different). Your opinion?

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    Is it possible to submit a landing page that is still a WIP?

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      Yep, most landing pages are works in progress :-D

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    This is a great initiative, Courtland. Thanks for kicking this off and looking forward to seeing more of this in the future.

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    awesome! I am half way though Julian's growth hacking guide and it will be super cool to get some feedback from him.

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    This is awesome, I just finished reading his blog a few weeks ago and loved it.

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