September 14, 2018

Give Back Friday!

Each Indie Hacker has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. (Smiling) Let's run an experiment and see if we can minimize the weaknesses. Offer up one of your strengths, free, for the first three hackers to respond your comment.

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    I'm in love with frontend development and all things Javascript & CSS.

    I can make your site functional, pretty and stand out from the crowd.

    I offer free CSS & Javascript help to the first 3 hackers that hit me up.

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      Hacker #1! Would love help either ( 1 ) cleaning up my CSS for consistency or ( 2 ) creating a framework for responsiveness. (I designed for mobile first!)

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        Hey @harlem, happy to help! What's the best way to contact you?

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          Reached out via email!

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    I've definitely a talent for branding. I'll offer three hackers help naming their side hustle.

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      This is coming at the right time.

      I am having a hard time naming my new product.

      The product is a simple simple hosted knowledge base software that helps companies make better help documentation.

      I have a few names in mind but the issue I have with them is that they don't inspire confidence, are lazy and seem unprofessional.

      For a while now, I have been searching for a name that’s unique, memorable and affordable.

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        can I enroll as a beta user?

        We're into a medical and fitness similar stream and would like to give it a try.

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          Sure. I'll reach out via email.

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        If you like the name bevance (play on be and advance) I might be able to give you a good deal on the .com domain name. Truth be told, it's on this marketplace for ages and if I can help a fellow indiehacker out then why not

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        We'll guide you to document wiki nirvana.

        (A portmanteau Bangkok and documents)


        Take charge of your documentation today.

        (A portmanteau of documents and coup. Also has the benefit of being ILB friendly. )

        Alternates:, In addition to above, a play on the name of children's game to connote simplicity.


        Trouble with your knowledge base? We'll help you dawk it!

        (Orthographic play on doc)


        Documentation that's not a pain in the royal ass.

        (A portmanteau doc and duchess)

        Shit. I had one more and have forgotten it. I'll swing back if I remember. Hope the above helps!

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          This is a lot of list. Thanks a lot.

          I have decided to go with Zohunt.

          Choosing a name with docs in it might not help in the future since I may include live chat or email marketing in the future.

          What do you think? Does Zohunt sound cool?

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