October 11, 2018

Good 2018 SEO tools for copywriters

Hi Everyone,

I'm a freelance content writer and I was wondering which are some good, ideally free, tools to improve the SEO of my written content?

I have been making my first steps into SEO recently. And after searching around the web a lot, I have had some trouble in finding good tools. Recently certain services started asking money for basic things like keyword search for example, and most articles about the topic either don't apply to me or are out of date.

Good to note: I have little back-end control over the sites I write for. I generally just deliver a Google Docs/Word file to my clients.

So hope that was clear, if it wasn't feel free to let me know.

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    If you haven't tried it yet, you can check out KWFinder. It helps you to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. I wrote a detailed blog post about how to use it. I hope it helps: http://bit.ly/KWFinderToolSEO

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    If you love your content writing job and want to continue with it and learn some SEO so you can charge your clients more, keyword research is what you need to look into.

    There are free tools out there. Google Keyword Planner used to be one, but now, you only get to see a range of the volume for keywords.

    Another free tool is ubersuggest. The v2 is pretty cool and absolutely free.

    However, once you get immersed into keyword research and want to dive deep into competitor analysis, you have to have a premium keyword research tool (unless you build one yourself).

    Ahrefs and SemRush do what they say they do.

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    @tomcas Im currently working on a tool that will help writers write better SEO content. If you are interested you could be a beta tester :)

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      Sure, would love to test it. Feel free to let me know how to go ahead

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        How could I contact you? :)