December 6, 2018

Google of Domain Names has landed. [Live Updates from our PH Launch]

Hey Indie Family!

We finally launched our product on See:

What is Dofo?

🔍Discover: You can discover more than 350 million domain names with detailed information on It is dead simple to find what you are looking for. Thanks to our magical filters.

🎯Follow: If you want to follow a registered domain name you do not need to register on Just click the Follow button and enter your email. All changes related to that domain name will be sent to your inbox, such as expiration, price changes…

🤑Buy: You don’t need to visit different marketplaces to find your perfect domain name. We do it for you. 40 million domains are already on sale, you just decide which domain you want to buy.

We look forward to see your great feedback here and on Product Hunt. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

We worked hard to make successful launch and I’ll share live updates here. Good luck for all. ✌️


  • 01:40 // Chris Messina hunted & upvoted We started to send tweets and messages to friends.

  • 02:15 // We are now on the Popular products list. We are sharing on related FB & Slack groups.

  • 03:00 // We passed 40 upvotes.

  • 03:11 // #5 Product of the Day

  • 03:44 // #4 Product of the Day with 60 upvotes, 3 comments.

  • 04:28 // #3 Product of the Day with 80 upvotes, 3 comments.

  • 04:53 // #2 Product of the Day with 100 upvotes, 4 comments.

  • 07:17 // #2 Product of the Day, passed 200 upvotes & 16 comments.

  • 15:24 // #2 Product of the Day, passed 465 upvotes & 34 comments.

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    Nice to see the updates. Good luck ;)

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      Thanks a lot Cagri!