September 12, 2017

Growing to $5k/mo Through Clever Marketing and Validation

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    Hey man great interview! Wanted to know are you still looking for some hires? I've worked in the events space for the past 8 years, mostly selling booth space at developer conferences. I know a ton of different show organizers who would love this solution. Let me know and we can connect!

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      thanks for the note, shoot me an email

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    Good interview. Good job Hamed and keep it up. I like how you didn't stop even if you "failed" at your previous startup. On top of that, in the same industry. Is Zylio really dead? Will you use Stay22 to revive it ?

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    ''I always tell my close friends that you can always take a $100k-salary job years later when your startup fails and need money ASAP.''

    I don't think this is necessarily true. The window of good entry-level jobs gets smaller as you get older, although for programming type of jobs that process may be slower than for instance finance or law. Also, getting a $100k-salary job ASAP isn't easy at all.

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      Agreed, but for my point of view with my CompSci friends it does apply :)

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        I guess if you have a solid academic background you have some leeway if it all goes down. Still, though, there is the opportunity cost of working and gaining experience in a company.

        Nevertheless, I like the idea and it seems promising. Good luck!