April 7, 2017

Hacker News Books: Top books commented on Hacker News ($300/mo)

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    Hi. Do you use HN apis or html scraping to get your results?

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    How much of your traffic is organic ? Did you implement a strategy to optimize your seo. I know that google doesn't like it if it's a website filled up with affiliate links.

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    The newsletter is the killer feature here. You only need to get someone to visit the site once and sign up for the newsletter. From then, your content is pushed to them.

    Nice implementation.

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      Thanks! I also think that people underestimate the importance of a newsletter. It's the single most powerful marketing channel I've found so far.

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        That's true! Conversion rate is higher rather than using social media as a marketing channel.

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    i wonder how HNBooks is doing a year after launch? please come back to report!

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    A lot of people got in touch to ask if the service is for sale or if I am looking for collaboration so I am posting here to clarify.

    1. If you have a reasonable offer and an idea how to grow the service just get in touch and we can talk.

    2. If you are interested to help with your good marketing skills you can also drop me a line and we can come up with something

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    This was one of the stories that inspired me to create my project about books (http://arandomquote.com. I made it fast and deployed it, it was just a simple page but it got some visits and attention, then I learn what visitors wanted and started to add new features, pages, articles, and sections. But this story helped me to make the first step. thanks

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    Smart and easy. Great implementation! Thanks for sharing!

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    Really smart idea. Congrats on the success!

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    Ivan, great interview! I was in amazon affiliates before, but I only made 67 cents in commissions so they ended my account. It's a challenging program.

    How did you reach out to book publishers and authors or did they find you?

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      I tried reaching out and proposed a cross-promotion directly. It's a win-win situation, although I must say it does not scale much - involves mail writing, preparing content, agreeing on how they'd mention you etc.

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    What would you say are some strategies to increase the chances of getting approved for Amazon Affiliates? Should one build up a good amount of site traffic first, and then try to get approved?

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      I can't say that for sure, but certainly getting a spike of traffic after launch helps. I got the approval about a week after launch (with more than 800 purchases in a couple of days).

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        Did you lose out on the referrals made before you were approved?

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          No, they remained

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    Hi Ivan, very good idea!

    Thinking about the tech side, how do you find books in Hacker News comments?

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      I process all links and extract those that point to Amazon, Safari or O'Reilly. Afterwards I verify that it is indeed a book page - e.g. via the Amazon Product API or metadata on the page.