July 11, 2018

Handing off a project to new owner?

Hey folks. I have a handful of projects that I've built over the years, all slightly-to-moderately profitable. I'm thinking about going all-in on a new endeavor soon, so I'm looking to tie up loose ends. I don't want to shut down my previous projects—a lot of them are fairly self-sustaining and revenue-generating. I'm sure there is some nomad indie dev in Thailand who'd happily take them over. So how do I get connected with all these mythical indie devs in Thailand?!

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    If they're making money why not try to sell them through something like FEInternational?

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      A few reasons:

      1. That’s hard, I’m not really looking for a formal acquisition

      2. I’d like to keep it in the end the developer community, if possible.

      3. I’d never heard of them before 60 seconds ago. How small do they go? I’m talking hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

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        They do as low as thousands per month. They pretty much do everything from thousands per month all the way up to businesses worth $10m. Thomas who runs it has his roots in the indie the community and regularly attends MicroConf. He's a really good dude.

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          Awesome, I’ll check them out. Thanks!

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    Do you mean you want to sell those projects which are generating revenue?

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      I had in mind either a plain ole giveaway or maybe a profit-sharing arrangement. I'm not looking for a big payday upfront.

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