December 6, 2018

Help me with my landing page, is it ok?

Hi Guys, I'm in the process of developing the full site, should be mid Jan when it's ready but I thought I'd knock a landing page together to see if I could get some traction.

I've added it to a few FB groups I'm part off and I'm running a small FB add to drive some traffic.

15 people have entered their email address already, I've had 79 people visit the site so far.

Any tips on things I could change would be great.



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    Hi Scott,

    The page cuts off on the top for my browser. I am using Chrome, on a 13" Macbook.

    The page seems basic but gets the message across. It does seem a lot to read at one go. I would suggest breaking it down and highlighting the value prop front and center and organize information in a hierarchical way so that its easier to scan. Some of the writeup could be below the fold, people don't mind scrolling if they are interested. This is something you can look into at a later stage.

    How much are you spending on the FB ad and how long have you been running it?



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      Thanks for taking a look, I'll see what's causing the issue on the Macbook.

      Adverts running till Friday with a budget of £5

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    You should set a min-height for the main container so that the content doesn't get cut off on smaller screens. It still function the same as it does not on larger screens.

    Overall the design feels a bit "heavy" to me. I think you could lighten up both the green (maybe play around with hue and saturation a bit too for something that feels "brighter" without actually decreasing the contrast) and the black overlay on the background image. Or, you could make the background white instead of green, and make the headline text green instead. Or get rid of the background completely, find an image that works with text over top of it, and do that.

    I think another aspect of the "heaviness" I mentioned is how much text there is relative to the rest of the content. I agree with Shagun on how you could break it up a bit to make it feel like there's less there, or at least make it easier to scan the important stuff. It's kinda cliche, but you could also consider breaking out the bullet points into columns and adding icons above them to make the site a little more visual.

    Overall though, I think it's effective at what it's meant to do and the design works fine as is. I like your favicon!