November 8, 2018

Help on proofreading a 871-words copy and promote your link with my KickStarter campaign page

Hi Indie Hackers, Bloggers & Copywriters,

I've been preparing a KickStarter campaign in last a few days. Now I need some people to proofread a 871-words introduction of Document Node:, which is the core material for my KickStarter campaign.

(The KickStarter button doesn't work at the moment, as I'm still working on it.)

It may only need your 5-15 minutes to proofread and let me know your suggestions.

As thanks for your help, I will add:

  • Your name (and/or your business name, title etc)

  • Your link (to your product page or blog whatever you want to show)

  • What you want to say about Document Node (optional, but really appreciate it, I will put on the campaign page together with your link)

to a “Thanks to Early Supporters” kind of section of the KickStarter campaign page.

At the moment, I'm preparing a video for the KickStarter campaign, which should be launched in a week or so. After it's launched, I will promote it to all channels that I can reach, also will do some paid advertisement in the first few days and the last a few days of the campaign.

I hope your link can have some good exposure through this campaign.

As a programmer, marketing was not my comfort zone and not easy, but now I find it interesting. To me, the core is genuineness and cooperation, will keep learning and experimenting.

Would you like to join me to do this marketing experiment?

Please let me know your feedback about the material of Document Node, add your name and link etc in comments, or send to me via email (

Thanks in advance!

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    Here's my unprofessional proof-reading of the first section:

    Wiki is the traditional way to manage documentation.  —> *Using a Wiki? —> not clear to me Wiki should be treated as a proper noun in this sentence.

    then *set up —> set up is two words when using it as a verb, one word as an adjective e.g. “setup screen”

    schedule backups, and —> debatable, but I’m a fan of the Oxford Comma

    *Set up databases —> in the image again

    *and they also don’t … —> needs some extra words here to feel natural.

    *to another space —> same deal, there’s probably a grammar term for this

    *Often, —> add comma

    *don’t even —> swap word order

    *The same thing

    1. 1

      Good luck on your Kickstarter, let us know when it's live!

      You can link to me as:

      Anthony Castrio

      1. 2

        Thanks again for your help.

        Now the KickStarter campaign has been launched at

        I've added your link and introduction into the page.


      2. 2

        Thanks a lot, Anthony. Will update the copy.

        I have added your name and link to my list, which will be shown on the KickStarter page in about one week.

        1. 1

          Thanks Jake! You write good copy, it was hard to find much to improve.